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You don’t need to worry about the robustness of your SUP boards because we are offering a lifetime warranty for this inflatable paddleboard. We don’t think anyone can ask for a better warranty than this.



Pakaloa Care+ covers potential accidental damage, including costs for parts, repairs, or logistics, and entitles Pakaloa® owners to an identical or better SUP board, during the policy term, if needed.



We offer free express delivery on all stand up paddleboard orders. We don’t like to wait, and neither do you, you want to get on the water quickly, so all our deliveries are made by express courier.



As a premier stand up paddle boards brand, Pakaloa® offers a full support. It is therefore natural for us to support you when you need it, and for this reason, we are available to help you 24/7.

So if you’re going to use stereotypes, you might as well get straight to the point: paddleboarding is cool!
The link with nature, the gliding, the feeling of freedom, … In a society where stress and burnout await us when we don’t listen to our body, the stand up paddle board(SUP) allows us to reconnect with the essential: pleasure, sensations, life!

An activity beneficial to health

Like other physical activities, this practice allows you to work on your figure and eliminate calories while giving priority to pleasure. The effort involved in paddling involves the upper limbs (arms and back). Getting on and staying on the board requires tone and balance. It is then the lower limbs that will have to be mobilized. Endurance will not be forgotten either!

But don’t worry, everyone will have fun because SUP remains accessible and fun for everyone.

A minimum of requirements

No coach (although it is advisable to accompany the first steps), no partner. No schedule to respect, no place to be found. The sun is too strong: think of the cream. It’s cold: a good combination allows you to cope with low temperatures. Once you’ve found the board of your dreams, you’re ready to face the waves. Find your place and alternate with others, no two sessions are the same. Waves, environment, climate change: with this activity, monotony does not exist, practicable everywhere there is water (preferably calm).

To each his own style

Regardless of age, level or goal, everyone can find the right method of practice. For those who want to travel around the world, for those looking for peace and quiet or for those who use their paddle board to practice fishing.

A community, a way of life

Practicing this activity is also integrating a community. Solidarity resists the dominant individualism. Insider discussions about weather conditions are natural. This sport promotes social cohesion between its practitioners and reinforces the feeling of belonging to a group. Each person is reflected in the values he or she conveys (especially environmental values).

More than a hobby, SUP is a philosophy of life. So no more hesitation, just start and inflate the board! For those who are still hesitating: give up your stress and get on the paddle board!


review 1 - Pakaloa SUP

Excellent SUP!

“I’m glad that I got all the advice about which business to go to. Pakaloa worked with good quality and customer support to hype. Super happy with my paddleboard. Zero issues. Zero problems. “

empty avatar SUP

...I Would Highly Recommend These BRAND

” I enjoyed my first fish of the season at my new SUP
in Pakaloa. This summer I intend to take to and from the lake. It’s stable and maneuverable. I’m stoked. “

review 3 - Pakaloa SUP

The PADDLEBOARD Was All High Quality...

” Good iSUP! Good iSUP! It’s my second iSUP. I would say that the paddleboard of Pakaloa is excellent in design and construction. The material used is better and more durable than my first iSUP. This is not a wrong choice to paddle on flat water, rivers that I don’t see. I ‘d recommend this iSUP. “

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Inflatable paddle boards are robust, very easy to use, needs less storage and lasts years as it is made of very tough, lightweight PVC material. You just have to pump your stand-up inflatable paddle to the recommended PSI and get ready to go! When fully filled, inflatable superstructures are super rigid because of their advanced construction. Our blow up paddle panels actually feel as rigid as conventional expoxy paddles.

Good for all levels of ability, inflable supps are the paddle board for beginners who want to paddle on flat lakes and bays. Medium and advanced paddle boarders also prefer inflatable paddle boards and can well paddle in intermediate waves.

Whether you want to fly and explore, or just don’t have storage space or a car roof rack, inflatable paddle boards are for you.

Our inflatable paddle boards roll up to the size of a sleeping bag and fit securely into the bag. It takes only 5-7 minutes to fully inflate your iSUP when deflated.

Mount your inflatable paddle board in your house or car quickly. Try it on the best stand up, the best inflatable Sup paddle board!

We have an inflatable paddle board for you

We have an inflatable stand up paddle board for you whether you’re a novice or a professional paddle boarder. The inflatable SUPs are versacious enough to paddle with outdoor sports, SUP yoga, sup fishing, SUP surfing and paddle with your dogs and friends, not only on flatwater 😉

Have a look at our favorite Adventure Inflatable Paddle Board which is perfect for long-distance paddling and has a comfortable EVA comfort pad for animals and yoga. The perfect entrance point, 10’99 paddle board is our Air Inflatable Paddle Board, the best standup paddle board for Stand up paddleboarding.


Check out these SUP articles if more information is needed on paddle boards blowing. You’ll be pleasantly surprised if you’ve never stood on an inflatable sup board when you do! You really feel like a touring board beneath your feet:


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