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Well, we are the number one paddle board company to offer a high-quality inflatable paddle board with a lifetime paddle board warranty for our customers. We love paddle board and we produce paddle boarding products we use everyday. Pakaloa SUP is powered by paddle board lovers who practice paddle board and are part of the paddle boarding community. If you run a paddle board rental business, you can check our wholesale paddle boards prices and deals we do for our partners.

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Paddle Board Pakaloa: The Best SUP

The Pakaloa Paddle board is perfect for every rider and every paddle board adventure. You’re in the right place to find now your perfect & best inflatable paddle board.

Pakaloa SUP provide lifetime paddle board warranty on all inflatable paddle boards (iSUPs) against any abnormal defect in workmanship and materials. The quality and durability of the best inflatable paddle boards is our priority, which is why we guarantee the best inflatable paddle board for life.

If you want extend your warranty with the best inflatable paddle board accidental damage protection, you can add the Pakaloa Care+. It’s available too for paddle board rentals and wholesale paddle boards deals we offer to our SUP partners.


Paddle Board Pakaloa: The Best SUP Technology

Pakaloa SUP 3D Render

Military-grade PVC

The laminated construction is the most recent technology used to obtain the best Pakaloa inflatable paddle board. It is cutting-edge and the very best that you can get. The lamination procedure indicates that there are no more aesthetic creases or bubbles on the paddle board’s surface area. And also here’s the mind-blowing bit. These Pakaloa inflatable paddle boards are 20-25% lighter and even 25-30% stiffer than those using a glued double-layer. That can around a 2kg conserving in weight, which is a whole lot!

Constant Improvement

We are constantly improving the best inflatable paddle boards and are attentive to their durability and performance. We take into account each Pakaloa customer feedback to constantly improve the best inflatable paddle boards.

Quality as a Standard

We’ve been making the best inflatable paddle boards without compromise on performance, design or quality. Pakaloa™ inflatable paddle boards are stiffer and durable and have been designed so you can paddle anywhere.







Pakaloa SUP

Here at Pakaloa SUP, our team believe in all things surrounding outdoor tasks and also stand up paddle boarding is sure to be our favored.

As SUP Enthusiasts, our wish to inflatable paddle board is constant. The individuals we fulfill and even the tales they’ve shared are the motivation to our success.

Other’s love for paddle boarding and enthusiasm for life is infectious, which has us aiming to improve the best inflatable paddle board. We are honored and also fortunate to be part of this superb area!

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The Best Inflatable Paddle Board

We are the number one paddle board brand to give our customers a high-quality inflatable paddle board with a lifetime paddle board warranty. We love paddle board and manufacture items for paddle boarding that we use every day. Pakaloa SUP consists of lovers of paddle board who play paddle board and who are part of the culture of paddle boarding. If you are running a paddle board rental service, you can check the rates and offers we make to our wholesale paddle boards.

The Best Inflatable Paddle Board is Here:

For any rider and paddle board adventure, the Pakaloa Paddle Board is perfect. Your ideal and best inflatable paddle board can now be placed in the right position.

Pakaloa SUP makes lifetime paddle board protection against irregular defects in manufacturing and components on all inflatable paddle boards (iSUPs). The longevity of the best inflatable paddle boards is our highest priority and that is why we guarantee the best paddle board for life.

If you want to expand your warranty for the best paddle board inflatable with our accidental damage protection, you should add the Pakaloa Care+. It is also available for paddle board rental business with wholesale paddle boards pricing.

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