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The Paddle Board You’ve Been Looking For!

Why pay for a cheaper quality paddle board if you can have one that feels so much better, can satisfy for years to come, and protected by an accidental damage guarantee that provides you total peace of mind? Click the button below to buy now and get FREE shipping on your order.

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Inflatable Paddle Board Premium

We have the world’s best inflatable paddle board that’s best in both worlds: performance and comfortability. Made with the best material that money can buy + equipped with cutting-edge technology — this is the premium paddleboard you’ve been looking for!

Stand up Paddle Board #1

Perfect for every paddleboard rider and every stand-up paddle boarding adventure. You’re in the right place to shop now your inflatable stand-up paddle board. We have the best inflatable paddle board for you.

Inflatable Paddle Board

The quality and durability of the best inflatable paddleboard is our priority; so we guarantee the best inflatable paddle board for life.

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Inflatable Paddle Board Premium

It’s so comfortable, durable (thanks to its material that surpasses the military-grade PVC), offers great performance and maximum safety. On top of that, it’s an inflatable paddle board that you can easily carry on your vacation.

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The Best Inflatable Paddle Board

If you want a more fun way to spend time on the beach, an inflatable paddle board is perfect for you.

The Most Fun Inflatable Paddle Board You’ll Ever Ride

Sure, this is not for a competitive SUP race. But for a leisure paddling session, it blows all the other products out of the water. It was designed from the ground up for maximum comfort; while still offers great maneuverability and performance so you can easily go anywhere you want. 

Inflatable SUPs

The inflatable paddle board is perfect for anywhere-lakes, rivers and oceans. You can use our SUP for the adventurous to surf your local line-up; swim through frozen waters, and walk on secret lakes and waterfalls. 

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Our inflatable paddleboard fold into a backpack with leash and fins, now you can paddle with no cap!

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paddle board - pakaloa

Why Choose an Inflatable SUP?

Inflatable SUP is perfect for those who’re looking for a fun and leisure paddle session. It’s so comfortable to ride whether it’s on the lake, river, and ocean. What’s more, inflatable SUP also easier to carry and to maintenance; making it the perfect choice for everyone who loves to travel abroad and want to bring their SUPs with them.

Our inflatable paddleboard folds into a backpack with a leash and fins. In just a few minutes, you’re taking the SUP out of the bag, hitting the waves, and cruising around!

Stand-up paddle boarding

For all

Comfortably glide through the calm waters while enjoying nature, doing yoga, or completing your training paddling session!

Easy For All

Paddleboarding has almost no learning curve. If you’ve tried it before, you know that in less than an hour, you can start cruising around, fishing on your board, doing yoga, or just having fun together with your friends or family.

Full-body Workout

Love the tranquility of being on the water as you work out your heart and strengthen your equilibrium? Stand-Up paddleboarding is your perfect full-body workout.

Have Fun On The Water

It’s a new way to enjoy nature and having fun on the water. And, since you’re standing on the board, it gives you a unique vantage point to see what’s down under the water and out on the horizon.

Bring Your Family Or Friends

You can bring your friend, wife, child, or even your pet with you. It’ll surely bring the fun to the next level. Just make sure you choose a paddleboard that can carry the weight and the bend – like Pakaloa SUP – and you can take your friend or family with you.

What We Offer To You

Pakaloa SUP provides a lifetime paddle board warranty, offer Free WorldWide Shipping to all customers, provides the best quality paddleboards, and accidental damage protection* ( Pakaloa Care+)

Top Pakaloa Feature:

Lifetime Paddle board Warranty

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Inflatable Paddle Board with Lifetime Warranty

Pakaloa provides a lifetime paddle board warranty on all inflatable paddle boards (iSUPs) against any abnormal defect in workmanship and materials. This warranty also applies to products purchased for paddleboard rental businesses, and paddleboard retailers who bought our product at a lower, wholesale price.

Free Shipping Worldwide

Because we love our customers, we’ll happily pay the shipping cost for you. All orders are delivered by express courier (FedEx, DHL, UPS, etc.…), so your Pakaloa paddleboard will arrive at your doorstep quickly. According to the carrier’s rules, shipments are usually shipped as quickly as possible, usually the day after your order.

Best Quality

We use the highest quality material that surpasses military-grade PVC. In addition, the board is also equipped with an innovative bungee system of D-Rings, and strong bungee cords for maximum safety… and cutting-edge technology, like the heat-sealed crocodile leather for feet support and in-build reinforced leash.

Accidental Damage Protection*

You can add Pakaloa Care+ to your order when you buy Pakaloa inflatable paddleboard. And when you do that, every time you go for a SUP ride, you’ll always have a sense of calm, knowing if an accident happens, your paddleboard is protected by the Pakaloa Care+.

Accidental Damage Protection*


A warranty program that covers all the repair costs of your paddleboard (including material, labor, and shipping cost) when an accident happens.


The Pakaloa Care+ can be ordered when you buy a Pakaloa inflatable paddleboard.

SUP Rentals

The accidental damage protection is also available for your paddleboard rental business, so you can save money on repair and maintenance.

24/7 Support

Whenever you have a problem, simply contact us and we’ll be there to assist you.

Get Your Pakaloa Paddleboard Today

Why settle for a lower quality product when you can have one that feels so much better, can last for years to come, and protected by an accidental damage warranty that gives you total peace of mind?

Click the button below to order today and get FREE shipping on your order:

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Get the best inflatable paddle board

Paddle board rental businesses

Whether you are starting a new SUP rental business, or you want to add more paddleboards to your existing Rental business, or you want to grow a SUP rental fleet… Pakaloa got you covered.

We offer a simple and stress-free solution for anyone interested to start a paddle board rental business through our exclusive SUP rental business deal, which gives you an opportunity to start the business for a small investment.

SUP Rental Owner:

And if you’ve already established a SUP rental business, you probably don’t want to miss out on our exclusive offer. You can buy our premium products at a lower price, and with the Pakaloa Care+ program, you can save a lot of money in maintenance and repair costs. Don’t forget life jackets, security is important so plan to offer life jackets for kids. A good dog life jacket is important for loved one so you can offer life jacket for dogs if you want 😉

The best part: All rental businesses that rent our board is allowed to use our internationally recognized brand to attract customers and gain advantages over your competitors.

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Wholesale Offer

At Pakaloa we offer our products at a special wholesale price for retailers, SUP Camp/Schools, or anyone interested to start a SUP store by becoming our authorized distributor. 

This offer includes a co-branding package that includes all the Pakaloa brand amenities, which are custom designed with your own business name, logo, and color.

SUP Store

Pakaloa offer an all-inclusive package for your SUP Store. You can get our paddleboard at a cheaper price, and have the opportunity to use our internationally marketed brand to attract more customers.

SUP Camps & SUP Schools

We also have exclusive deals for bases to add SUP to your campers or students. There are many ways to collaborate with Pakaloa SUP and take advantage of the opportunities provided by the fastest growing water sport in the world.


Pakaloa can also offer a great deal for businesses in the water sports and entertainment industry. Feel free to contact us anytime to talk more about it.

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Get the best inflatable paddle board now!

Premium quality inflatable paddle board & lifetime warranty.

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