10 fun activities that you can do with an inflatable paddle board

10 fun activities that you can do with an inflatable paddle board

In fact, there are more than 10 fun activities on a SUP but we would hate to wear the mouse! One of the reasons why paddleboarding is so popular is that it offers such great versatility. There are many ways to enjoy your paddle board. You can do fun activities on a SUP for all interests, ages and levels of skill.

While hard paddle panels are certainly an explosion, inflatable paddle systems are even more versatile and the best choice for most paddlers. In this article we will show you how versatile iSUPs you can do on the inflatable paddle board by listing 10 fun activities.

SUP Fitness

Burned on expensive memberships in fitness clubs and crowded gyms? More and more people are learning how pleasant SUP fitness can be. SUP fitness is a great way to get into your life’s best shape. Moreover, paddleboarding gives you an opportunity to go outside and enjoy the beautiful natural sights and sounds. Whether that means long-distance paddling, sprinting, shallows or a nearby pool joining a workout class, racing, or super yoga, there are many ways to fit your sup. Recommended highly!


If you are an adrenaline junkie who enjoys the rush of extreme sports, whitewater SUP is right up your path. Hitting speeds with an inflatable SUP is enjoyable and expected to allow blood flow. Did you worry about your board being damaged? Don’t be! Don’t be! You will be pleased to learn that the rocks, branches and other obstacles are no problem because of the unbelievable durability of inflatable surfaces!

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SUP Your Dog, Your Cat

More and more dog owners learn how fun it is to paddle with your pocket. Paddling with a dog is a great way to get out and enjoy nature with your four-legged friend, and we sure you’ll be hooked after just one afternoon on the water!

Fun multi-paddler

Take your favourite fellow paddler and have a picnic or just sit and chill in the sun. Some SUP companies are actually building excessive inflatable paddle boards, giving you a great time on the water with friends and family. Paddling a big inflatable SUP with a handful of your friends is a great way to make memories and a wonderful business team building exercise.


Although rigid paddle boards remain the best choice for surfing in competition or in extreme wave conditions, swelling SUPs are the best option for medium-sized surfing. Surfing is an incredibly fun activity on a SUP and is great for stress relief. The best part is that stand-up paddle boarding allows surfing to almost everybody. It’s easier to paddle off, easier to catch waves and stand up to cut out the challenging “pop-up” of many beginners.

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Camping trips overnight

Love to explore and go on camping trips overnight? Load your inflatable SUP with your deck bag, dry bags, a cooler, and campground equipment and take some of your closest friends on a lifetime trip. All our SUPs come with bungee cords and D-rings for tie-up devices , making everything you need to secure your adventure super fast. If you really want to pack a load, add additional D-rings.

SUP Fishing

SUP fishing is growing in popularity as more and more fishers discover the benefits of paddle board fishing. Do you want access to the best fishing holes at no cost and without having to think about a boat, kayak or canoe? The ultimate fishing tool is an inflable SUP which gives you an inexpensive and convenient way to go out on the water!


SUP racing is a great activity for those with a competitive nature that is fun and can contribute to making new friends. Thanks to the popularity of the sport, many local SUP racing events are now taking place all over the world.


Loading your inflatable SUP into breathtaking locations with snorkelling equipment is a fantastic way to spend an afternoon. Bring lunch and a few friends for even more fun!

Ocean and Scrub Channel

Last but not least, do your part in cleaning up our precious waterways. Take yourself on a paddling afternoon to gather the litter that pollutes your favourite spots-this is a nice way of making a difference to gives a perfect example to those in your neighbourhood.

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You don’t need any special equipment to participate!

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