10 Reasons for Seniors to try to paddle board

Paddle Boarding for Seniors Practical Fitness 

Today’s seniors are as involved as ever. It is rarely that an older person is identified who does not practise at all. It can be a regular walk or a cycling trip. It can be as rigorous as lifting weights at the fitness centre or doing crossfit exercise. 

If you are a senior who is fit, consider boarding with paddles. SUP boarding provides special advantages of health and wellness, which vary from other styles of exercise. 

Let ‘s look at some of the specific advantages of senior paddle boarding

Paddle Boarding… 

1. Variety deals 

The paddle board offers various choices. With a paddle board you can practise so many different ways. Two common examples are slow endurance training or faster interval training. 

Then there’s the water and wind range. The waters are never the same causing you to change. 

Variety may also be added by paddling various waterways. Lakes, ponds, bays of the seas, canals. Your imagination is only limited to you. 

  Paddle board inflatable

2. Is a full-body training? 

Paddle boarding provides a total body preparation. Feet, thighs, hips, heart, back, shoulders and arms all have a strong workout. 

3. Enhances balance 

Quite important to the elderly. Improving your balance and strengthening your muscles is a great asset for paddle boarding. 

4. Is Low Impact 

Paddle boarding is an activity of low impact. There is no jarring effect on the feet , legs or hips unlike running and other types of exercise. 

5. Enhances Posture 

Paddle boarding forces you to consider your role. Your back needs to be straight with your head down and back to paddle correctly. Boarding paddles reinforce the core muscles that are essential to good posture. 

6. Cutting Stress 

Studies have shown that it has a soothing effect on the human brain, being around and in water (lakes , rivers, oceans). Scientists call this the consequence of the “grey mind.” 

7. Core Goals 

Everyone knows that paddle boarding will work hard with these core muscles. Once your balance and paddling technique are competent, paddle boarding can benefit greatly. 

  10 Life-Changing Health Benefits of Paddle boarding

Strengthening the centre would be of practical benefit to you. The core muscles bind the lower and upper body and you have to do it firmly. (Harvard School of Medicine) 

8. Get you out in nature 

The advantages of being outdoors are numerous. As people, we are not expected to spend the entire day indoors. Being outside under the sun, enjoying fresh air and nature is good for body, soul and spirit. (Yale education) Education 

9. Sharpness of mind 

Exercise increases mental acuity. (Harvard) Dementia is less likely for people who learn new skills. Paddle boarding provides sophisticated levels of technology that will sharpen your mind as you master them. (Natalie Sisson) 

10. It’s Fun 

The fun factor is second, but never least. Paddle boarding with a group or solo is enjoyable. The best way to feel young is to have fun when exercising outside.

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