5 Must Have Paddle Board Accessories

5 Must Have SUP Accessories 

Anyone who likes paddle boarding knows you need something more than a SUP. You need accessories to completely relax and enjoy your chosen sport. 

There is a wide variety of SUP accessories from surfing fins to fishing rod holders. A lot of SUP accessories are very useful for one operation, but a few have SUP accessories, regardless of what your board is for. 

The idea of what they do and do not need is different for everybody, but we have selected some of the best ideas with so many choices available that will help you get started. 

5 Paddle Board accessories you need

1. Waterproof bag

~There should be one paddler for every paddler, no matter for what their board is used. A waterproof bag will save and dry all your valuables when you are paddling. You don’t want to risk getting water in your phone or wallet or overboarding your car keys. You may choose to have a shoulder bag or a shoulder bag, just be sure that it is completely waterproof. 

A superb example of what you need on your SUP is the SUP-Now paddle board deck pack. 

This bag is easy to use, so you don’t have to tie anything to it. It has industrial suction cups that protect the board itself, enabling you to focus on your paddling. The bag is big and can hold all your products as well as your sunglasses or your deck shoes and a drink. A waterproof insert is included that is wide enough for a phone to ensure that it does not get damaged when you’re paddling. The bag has a shredded net cover, so that it fits smoothly. It has a convenient brace to retain it for you when it isn’t connected to your paddle board. 

This bag’s best thing is its style. The bag is lightweight and just as big as you fill it. This improves the overall stability and aerodynamics of your board, in comparison to some bigger waterproof bags. 

2. Paddle holder

* It’s easy to hold your SUP, but you can get into a bit of a mess when you have a paddle and other things to transport. A paddle holder is just what you need to securely mount your paddle to the board when it isn’t in use. If you choose to sit on a board and fish or play yoga, a paddle holder will help you relax, in the confidence that the paddle won’t slip into the water or float away. If you’re a novice or a more seasoned paddler, it only takes one lapse to lose your paddle in the water. 

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The YYST SUP Paddleboard Inflatable Paddle Keeper is designed to carry paddles of any width because they have a velcro band, so that your paddle is fixed on the side of the board. They also fit very well and do not harm the floor. While not included, they only clip onto the D-ring or bungee cord and fit snugly on the side of the board when they have been modified. They do not harm the board in any way, and can be removed quickly, so that the D ring can be used. 

The collection includes 4 clips, so you can never worry about your paddle, and the clips can also be used to carry other things such as flip flops. These easy paddle holders are a nice way to relax on your board knowing that after your missing paddle you won’t have to swim. 

3. Carry strap

• The Paddle Boards must be taken to the water from the vehicle. Though lightweight, they are still bulky, so the safest way to transport them is with a truck. 

This SUP Carrier / Storage Sling comes with adjustable belts, so they fit perfectly around the SUP regardless of distance, height or size of the board. The strap crosses your back and this has a pad that sits easily on your back. This pad is made of Neoprene and is three times padded, so it is comfortable and comfy, and prevents the strap from squeezing your shoulder too far. 

In addition to the harness, this package has two adjustable Velcro straps that securing your paddle, making it easier to hold and won’t get loose as you walk. These straps are so sturdy that the paddle can be used as a handle. 

A lovely little extra is the reversible bag with this strap. This pull bag clips to one of your straps and makes it easier for you to carry personal things like a beer, a sunscreen or a telephone when transporting your platform. This strap makes holding your board very convenient and can also be used on boards for surfing. 

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4. Life vest 

· There should be a life jacket for someone who loves water sports. It is great to relax on a paddle board, but if you fall off, note that you can not see undercurents or tides, so that a life jacket should be worn for your own protection. 

You do not want a bulky life jacket while boarding a paddle and the Onyx MoveVent Dynamic Paddle Sports Life Jacket is one of the best. The nature allows it to mould the body, but the front and back of it are ventilated and cool. 

The jacket contains light flotation foam, so it is not bulky to wear and it does not limit your movement during the paddling process. The straps and measurements are easy to change, so it suits every size and doesn’t shift around when you wear it. The straps incorporate neoprene pads for added support, so that the straps don’t dig in while you wear them. 

This life jacket also has expandable zippered pockets with mesh drainage to make them dry, and you can carry your phone in a waterproof pouch. An additional addition is a whistle attached if you’re in trouble. After you finish paddling, the drying loop on the back is comfortable and ready to worn again. 

5. Doggles

— To everyone may not be this SUP accessory, but we have had to provide it. Many paddlers want to be joined by their pets, who enjoy paddling. 

Though life jackets are always required for dogs, sun glasses may be ignored occasionally. Dogs can be very sensitive in sun or water. Eyes can be very sensitive. Much like people, if a dog is out all day in the sun, UV rays will damage their eyes. Doggles help to protect them. 

It is not so well-known that dogs can trigger an infection if they receive salt water in their eyes and so doggles may help protect them from this, sand or other waste that could be blown around. They’re also wonderful if your dog likes to fly out of your car window with his paws. 

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In addition to making your dog look great with their smoky lens, Doggles Originalz Frame Goggles for Dogs provide excellent protection from UV rays. The lens is break resistant, so there is no risk to your dog, and there are two adjustable straps to suit your dog perfectly, without it being too tight. The lens inside is coated with foam so they are relaxed on their eyes. 

These also can be used for general use beyond the boarding of paddles, anywhere your dog is vulnerable to UV rays or waste. 

Our last things 

As you advance your paddle boarding, you’ll soon find a lot of accessories available to help you get the best experience from holding your board. While some accessories can seem very straightforward, it often takes time to read about their features. As shown by our range of SUP accessories, some can give you more than others.

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