5 ways to use SUP for a Stronger Immune System


We will talk about five ways a good SUP lifestyle will help you build up a more robust immune system and live a fun, safe, and stress-free life.

Five ways to use SUP for a Stronger Immune System

# 1: The Muscles move

When you already have a steady SUP routine, you know how good the paddleboard is for muscle tone, core strength, and overall health. When you’re new to SUP, you could be shocked by the intense paddling preparation that takes an hour.

Stand up; paddleboarding gives you an excellent whole-body experience. Best of all, the core muscles function. Often this practice also increases the health of the body.

# 2: Burn Calories paddle

We learn from our fans that the lockout weighs a little heavier and is less going. SUP is your remedy if you have lately packed a few blocks.

An hour of paddleboarding will burn around 300 calories at the start, or up to 750 (or more) on strict routines, such as paddleboard racing. Let’s break down some of our favorite calorie-burning SUP practices.

SUP Surfing

SUP surfing is calorie food. It’s also an ability tester, so you’ll want to put this one on your list if you’re a high octane paddler and haven’t tried to surf with SUP.

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In an active hour of surfing, about 750 calories can be consumed. If the surf is up, you could burn up to 1,000 calories!

SUP racing

SUP is a fun and exciting way to paddle. Naturally, this is a group activity, and group SUP may be hard to manage with the lockdown. However, once you are ready for group SUP or a friendly, safe, family-friendly game, try the SUP run.

SUP racing can be conducted in a straight or obstacle format. You will work at least 700 calories an hour, depending on how fast and hard you paddle. Plus, it’s fun! It’s fun!

SUP Yoga

We know that several thousand of our fans are in SUP yoga. SUP yoga is a rapidly rising activity worldwide, and there is no wonder: it is a fantastic exercise for the body and mind. It’s a big calorie burner, too. You will burn around 400 calories in an hour or so of SUP yoga.

# 3: Heart Safety Paddle

It’s good to be healthy and lean in improving your immune system, but don’t neglect your vital organs. Your heart provides blood and oxygen to every cell in your body. A safe heart benefiting the immune system directly helps you fight viruses (like coronavirus) and other diseases such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

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If you want to do something about yourself, it will operate on a healthy heart. A daily SUP routine will support you.

# 4: Beat Stress

Excessive stress is terrible for the heart and overall health. With social isolation, many of our fans record higher tension rates, a lack of quarantine, income, and daily practice. The problem is that increased stress is terrible for your immune system and your health.

Getting up and up is known to help relieve tension. What better way than a perfect day of paddleboarding?

Tip: In kayak mode, one of our favorite forms of relieving tension. There is a beautiful thing to slow down and paddle along a canopy stream to change rhythm and scenery.

# 5: Sunshine & Vitamin D

Having enough vitamin D in the best of times is a struggle. The UK is not exactly known for its constant sunshine days! Winter makes it even more complicated. But nothing makes natural vitamin D harder than quarantine from sunlight.

It is estimated that 40 % of people worldwide lack adequate vitamin D to maintain a healthy immune system. So, you’re not alone if you’re a little pale and weak on D. A vitamin pill can be popped or out, get on your iSUP and get natural vitamin D.

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