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8 Reasons Why SUP Yoga is Getting Popular

Yoga is a very refreshing activity, and when it is done while surrounded by nature, its benefits get doubled. SUP yoga has become very famous among fitness enthusiasts. It may seem challenging, but it is worth it.

In this article, we have explained the common reasons why paddle board yoga is getting popular. We have also given pro SUP yoga tips to help you make your SUP yoga experience better.

What is SUP yoga?

Stand-up paddle board yoga is doing yoga on a paddle board while it floats on the water. SUP yoga is a new activity people have been trying to explore more. People who love doing yoga and paddle boarding combined their two favorite activities and created this advanced form of yoga. However, it is not an easy activity to do. Because trying different yoga poses on an inflatable paddle board is not easy. You need to be patient and do a lot of practice to become able to perform SUP yoga.

1 – Makes you more mindful

Yoga itself is a healthy activity. It makes you mindful and active. It boosts your mental health and allows you to concentrate on the matters happening in life with a clearer mind. When you do it while surrounded by nature, its benefits get double.

Nature has a calming effect. So, when you do SUP yoga while you are on the water, you not only enjoy the benefits of the yoga but also of nature. Both make your mind more peaceful and calm. This allows you to think deeply about different matters going on in your life.

2 – Increases your flexibility

Yoga is a great practice to increase your body’s flexibility. You can try different poses and strengthen your muscles as well as your bones through it. But doing it on a paddle board allows you to increase your flexibility more. It is because keeping yourself balanced on the moving water is difficult. You have to put extra effort into stabilizing yourself.

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That is why people start with first trying to keep equilibrium while standing on the paddle board. Once they have learned to keep their bodies balanced on the paddle board, then they move to sitting on the paddle board and trying different yoga poses. Then they try simple yoga poses that do not require a lot of balance. They move to the difficult and complicated poses and postures after mastering the simple poses. So, people seeking more flexibility through yoga must try SUP yoga at least once in their lives. We are sure you would become a fan of SUP yoga.

3 – Strengthens core muscles

Stand-up paddle boarding is a great way to strengthen your core muscles. You do not have to go to the gym and listen to your trainer to do difficult exercises. No, there is no need to do anything like that. You can simply get a paddle board and start practicing SUP yoga to strengthen your core muscles and body.

While standing on the paddle board, you try to keep yourself balanced. Your lower body muscles try to maintain the equilibrium so that you do not fall straight into the water. This makes your core muscles powerful and strong.

Now, if you combine stand-up paddle boarding with the yoga poses that strengthen core muscles, then you get more benefits than the benefits of simple yoga. Your core muscles develop in less time, and you get to save that time to do more useful and beneficial activities.

4 – Feels more challenging

People who like accepting and doing challenges would not hesitate to try to stand up for paddle board yoga. It is not easy to keep your body balanced on the surface of the water while you try different yoga poses. Beginners who try SUP yoga fall several times in the water. But that does not stop fitness enthusiasts from keeping trying and balancing their bodies.

They take it as a challenge and practice it until they become proficient in it. It boosts their energy and motivation levels. It also helps them become more challenging and face different situations in life with no fear of falling and standing up again.

8 Reasons Why SUP Yoga Is Getting Popular - Pakaloa
8 Reasons Why SUP Yoga Is Getting Popular

5 – More calming and soothing

SUP yoga also feels more calming and soothing than simple yoga. Nature has a soothing and calming effect. Spending time in nature not only calms your mind but also makes your muscles relaxed. In this fast-paced world where we barely get time to sit back and relax, SUP yoga allows us to get multiple benefits together, and one of those benefits is relaxing the mind and body.

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Fresh air and the movement of water keep your mind aware of the fact that you are surrounded by nature. Hence, nature brings peace and calm to your mind. Side by side, you try different yoga techniques and poses. These poses and techniques make your muscles calm and relaxed. This way, nature, paddle boarding, and yoga collectively make you tranquil and more stress-free.

6 – Gives instant refreshment

Another reason why stand-up paddle board yoga is getting popular is that it gives people instant refreshment. Calming the mind and the body while surrounded by nature boosts the production of happy hormones and reduces the synthesis of stress hormones.

SUP yoga gives you the chance to unplug and leave all worldly things behind. You take deep breathes and enjoy the freshness that does not come while doing yoga at home under the roof. It gives refreshment to the mind and improves your overall mood. This freshness also increases your level of productivity, and your performance at work enhances.

7 – More fun than yoga on land

No doubt, doing yoga on land has multiple benefits, but if it is compared with SUP yoga, then SUP yoga is the real winner. While doing yoga on the land, you are surrounded by man-made things, for instance, walls, a roof above your head, and a floor under your feet. On the contrary, if you do stand-up paddle board yoga, you have the sky above your head and water under the paddle board. This makes SUP yoga feel more fun, adventurous, and beneficial than simple yoga.

You can go with your friends and family to practice yoga. After doing yoga, you can simply jump into the water to swim around and relax your muscles more. You can take healthy juices and drinks with you to drink when you feel your energy is getting down.

8 – Enjoy the beauty of nature

While doing SUP yoga, you are surrounded by nature. You have a beautiful sky above you and a shining sun. There is fresh and cool water underneath you in which you can swim whenever you want to. The air around you is fresh and refreshing. Inhaling air gives a soothing effect.

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Prepare the body beforehand

Warm-up your body when you are on land to make your muscles ready for the yoga. It will save you from trouble while you are on the paddle board.  

Relax and connect with nature

Do not get stress your muscles and think negative thoughts like you will not be able to try yoga poses on the paddle board. Relaxing your muscles will give you a chance to stay calm and put more focus on your balance and body position.

Find the right position

Finding your position or center on the paddle board is very important. Do not start yoga anywhere. In fact, first, find the position on the board that is the most stable, and it is easy to maintain balance on it. It is the center of the paddle board that is the right place to start yoga. The center is wide than the tips of the paddle board. It gives you more room to practice different yoga poses. Therefore, first, find the right place, then find the right position to start SUP yoga.

Wear suitable clothes

Make sure that the clothes you wear are suitable for yoga. They should be light, relaxing, and stretchable so that you can try different poses of your choice easily. You can wear the same clothes that you wear for doing yoga on the land. You can wear a soft life jacket for your safety.

Take freshwater or juices with you

Yoga can make you tired and thirsty. SO, do not forget to take a fresh water bottle with you. You can also take fresh juices with you to get a boost of energy while doing SUP yoga.  

Do not forget sunscreen

People often forget to apply sunscreen on the screen. Sun is good for us as it boosts vitamin D production. But staying under the sun for a longer period can burn the skin and do more harm than good. That is why apply sunscreen before you go for SUP yoga.

Be patient

SUP yoga is challenging. So, give yourself time and be patient. Remember that falling in the water while practicing SUP yoga is very common. Be prepared for that beforehand. Keep practicing SUP yoga consistently, and you will soon become a pro in it!

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