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A Few Tips For The New Surfer

Surfing is not something you just go and start doing. You need a lot of preparation before you start surfing. It needs a lot of training and hard work. Like any game, you need a lot of practice to be able to master the sport. Here are some tips that may help a beginner in starting the sport.

Don’t Learn By Yourself

Surfing is not something you can learn by yourself. You should either get a friend who is experienced in the sport, to teach you or go to a surfing camp. Attempting to learn by yourself could put your life and the lives of others in danger.

Get Yourself A Good Teacher

If you plan to learn surfing from a teacher, get yourself a good one. Go through the internet and get the one who has good reviews. A good teacher can teach you all the tricks of the sport and make you an expert.

A Bigger Surfboard Is Best

For a beginner, it is best to get a bigger surfboard. They have more stability and will help you to catch the waves. It will help you with learning the basics faster.

A Soft-Top is Better

As you will be spending more time sitting on it, in the beginning, a soft-top is a better option. Moreover, you are likely to fall a few times and a soft board is better as you are less likely to get hurt. It is also safe for the other surfers.

Start At A Beginners’ Beach

Find a place that is good for beginners. Start your surfing at a beach where the waves are small and steady. This will help in the learning process. Don’t attempt the big waves even if you think you are ready. Wait for your teacher to say so.

Prepare At The Beach

Before you jump into the water you need to stretch yourself at the beach first. Check your board and leash. Watch how the waves are behaving today. You can study the other surfers too. You can continue this habit even after you have become an expert.

Stay Away From The Experts

It is better to keep yourself away from the expert surfers. They are doing the bigger waves which you are still not capable of. Keeping out of their way is in the interest of the safety of all the surfers. You may commit a lot of mistakes as a beginner. It could prove to be dangerous for all.

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