About us

– If only everything in life was as reliable as an inflatable paddle board…


Let’s take our SUP passion and turn it into outreach. We live for our passion.

Our goal not only with Pakaloa but also in life is to influence others to tackle an experience, boldness, as well as a feeling of gratification. This is our need to share with all the physical as well as mental advantages of paddleboarding.

Over each passing year, we took notice that even more people were using an inflatable paddle board. It looked like fantastic fun, a unique method to a full-body exercise, as well as a much better means to venture out that you usually would not have the ability to ashore. As we started our search for a SUP, we noted our choices. Nonetheless, there wasn’t one board that met our wants.

We were searching for a portable premium lightweight paddle board that was also fashionable. After a complete research and also tiring our options, we asked ourselves why don’t we make a durable, lightweight mobile board? That is precisely how Pakaloa’s inflatable paddle boards were birthed.

Mission & Vision

We Take Pride In Our Work

Pakaloa was produced out of our enthusiasm for paddleboarding as well as exploring the outdoors around the world. We called for a top-notch paddle board that was affordable, light, and also very easy to make use of, which is precisely how the Pakaloa Inflatable stand up paddle board is made.


Here at Pakaloa, our team believes in all things surrounding outdoor tasks, and also stand up paddle boarding is sure to be our favored. As SUP Enthusiasts, our wish to paddle board inflatable is constant. The individuals we fulfill and even the tales they’ve shared are the motivation to our success. Other’s love for paddle boarding and enthusiasm for life is infectious, which has us aiming to improve our products. We are honored and also fortunate to be part of this superb area!


Around the globe, paddleboarding is more than just a sport or a fun way to get fit. It’s an avenue of pleasure. It’s an opportunity to act for something we are passionate about while doing a sport that we are loving. Stand-up paddling has become an incredible way to stand up for ocean rights, take a stand against plastic.

Whatever we can do, however, we can act, whether it’s one kilometer or 1000 kilometers, let’s take our SUP passion and turn it into outreach. Let’s act out to the world with our paddle in one hand and our board underfoot, taking care of this one planet, and it’s inhabitants.

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