We love surfing

So if you’re going to use stereotypes, you might as well go straight to it: surfing is cool!

The closeness with nature, the glide, the feeling of freedom, … In a society where stress and burn-out are waiting for us when we are not listening to our bodies, surfing allows us to reconnect with the essential: pleasure, sensations, life!

A beneficial activity for health

Like other physical activities, this practice allows you to work on your silhouette and eliminate calories by giving priority to pleasure. The effort produced to pass the bar, to position oneself on the line-up and to be able to take the wave requires the upper limbs (arms and back). Getting on the board and staying on it involves tone and balance. It will then be necessary to mobilize the lower legs. Endurance won’t be outdone either!

But don’t worry, the waves are not always 2 meters high and by adopting the practice remains accessible and fun for everyone.

A minimum of constraints

Neither coach (nevertheless advised to accompany the first steps), nor partner. No class schedule to keep, no room to find. The sun is too intense: think of the cream. It’s cold: a right combination will help to face low temperatures. Once you have found the board of your dreams, you are ready to face the waves. Find your spot and alternate with others, no session is alike. The waves, the current, the weather change: with this activity, monotony does not exist.

To each his style

Whatever his age, his level or his objective; everyone can find the mode of practice which suits him. For those who prefer sliding and long sessions: a longboard will meet your expectations. For the more athletic with the ambition of doing faster tricks, it will be necessary to go for a shortboard. Beginners will prefer specific foam boards (for safety and flotation).

One community, one way of life

To practice, this activity is also to integrate a community. At sea, solidarity resists the rampant individualism. On the beach insider discussions about weather conditions are natural. This sport promotes the social bond between its practitioners and strengthens the feeling of belonging to a group. Each is reflected in the values it conveys (particularly environmental benefits).

More than a hobby, surfing is a philosophy of life. So no more hesitation, all that’s left to do is get started and warm up the wax! For those who still hesitate: take the time to watch the cult movie Point Break.

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