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We love SUP, we love paddleboarding. Paddleboarding around the globe is more than a sport or a fun way to get in shape. It’s a fun path. It’s a chance to act for something we love while doing a sport that we love. Paddleboarding has become an incredible way of standing up for ocean rights. Join us now! Join the SUP Riders Community!

About us - Pakaloa
About us - Pakaloa SUP

Let’s take our SUP passion and turn it into outreach. We live for our passion.

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You want to provide the best paddleboards for our clients. We make one of the world’s best inflatable paddleboards. Scroll down to learn more about our brand and products to see if we’re a good fit.

At Pakaloa, we strive to create the best paddleboards on the planet. And to achieve our goal, we continue innovating and developing, resulting in one of the best paddle board available in the market today.

What this means to you is that you can take pride in the quality of paddleboards you provide to our clients. You will have a fun, stress-free SUP ride, and you will surely be coming back to you.


You want to provide the best paddleboards for your clients. We make one of the world’s best inflatable paddleboards. Scroll down to learn more about our brand and products to see if we’re a good fit.

High-Quality Material

Made with high-quality material that surpasses military-grade PVC, making this paddleboard to be extremely durable, while feels so light – about 20-25% lighter than other inflatable paddleboards.

Easy to Ride

We’ve designed our board to be wide enough to provide maximum stability, but not too wide so that it can still feel very easy to control. Yes, Pakaloa paddleboards are easy to ride, which makes them perfect for beginners and for a leisure ride.


Why Pakaloa Exists?

Paddleboarding around the globe is more than a sport or a fun way to get in shape. It’s a fun path. It’s something that offers a new way to experience water sport like nothing before.

When we experienced our first SUP ride, we immediately knew this is our new passion, and suddenly, we became a part of a new, fast-growing community.

We started Pakaloa with the simple desire to build the best paddleboard that we’ve always dreamed of.

Because we build our business based on our passion, since the very start, we’re committed to making our products the best paddle board in the market. That includes using materials and technology that other companies (that exist in this industry only for profits) consider far too expensive.

Our Team Make It Possible

Thanks to the dedication of our team, we’re able to create a premium paddleboard with quality that’s second to none – a goal that’s often considered impossible for a new company.

Our journey doesn’t stop here. Every day, our team is working relentlessly to continue innovating, while providing the best quality of service to all our customers.

Our Core Values

As a part of the SUP community, creating the best paddleboard is not our only goal. We want to attract more and more people to enjoy the unique experience of paddleboarding that no other type of sports could provide. We do that by providing great service to all of our customers, especially those who’re buying their first SUP boards.

Premium SUPs

Pakaloa SUP board is the outcome of years in research, combined with innovative technology and the best quality materials. It’s the best first paddleboard for beginners and the dream inflatable paddleboard for SUP enthusiasts.

Pakaloa Care+

Because we want all our customers to just enjoy their fun SUP rides without worrying about damaging their boards, we also offer Pakaloa Care+, an accidental damage program that covers all the repairing costs if an accident happens.

Lifetime Warranty

We’re willing and able to offer a lifetime warranty for our paddleboard because we’re so confident in its quality and durability. We understand Pakaloa SUP boards aren’t cheap, so we want to make sure it’s totally worth the money.


Every single product we create has gone through a long inspection to make sure they’re flawless.

Our QA team carefully check every part of the board, and all the items included in the package to make sure there’s no defect.

And once the product has been approved by the QA team, our packing specialists carefully put the boards and all the included items in the package, while checking the product once again to make sure it’s in 100% perfect condition.

Yes, it’s a long process.

Some companies may consider it’s not worth the time because even if they received refunds, they can still cover the loss.

Well, so be it.

After all, we’re here not just for profits.

We’re here to make the best product and to offer the best service to all our customers.


Our mission is simple: We’re here to create the best inflatable paddleboard that money can buy.

We do that by going beyond what other companies wouldn’t want even consider trying, either because it’s too expensive or too complicated.

We can do that because for us, making the best SUP board that you’re excited to ride every time you enter the water is what matters.

To make sure our product always becomes the best in the market, our journey never stops.

We continuously innovating, researching, and developing new technology to stay ahead of the other companies.

We’re not sure where our journey will take us next, but we hope you’ll be a part of our journey.


Connect With Us

Whether you have a question, comment, or just want to share some love for our products, we’d love to hear from you. Feel free to connect with us on Social Media.


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Premium quality inflatable paddle board & lifetime warranty.

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