Benefits of Fishing from a Fishing Paddle Board

Fly fishing from a stand-up inflatable paddle board (SUP) can significantly boost your fishing skill. If you want to increase the number of your fish and impress friends with the pictures of fish you caught, a SUP might be your new favorite way to explore your local spots.

The 5 benefits of paddle board fishing

1. Access new spots for fishing

You’ll never be limited to fly fishing again. A paddle board allows you to navigate lake, bay, ocean, and pond areas that can’t be reached by boat or foot. You can explore very shallow water, small coves, and areas between the island and the soil where fish species thrive with a paddleboard. As far as mobility is concerned, paddle board paddles allow superior SUPs (compared to boats) to reach places where the fish are quickly and easily.

2. Enhanced field of vision

If you fish from a paddle board, depending on the kind of paddleboard (inflatable, hard or Soft) you are about 2-6 inches above the water. It is best to fish from a paddle board as it helps you to sit the highest above the water (6 inches). Furthermore, there are plenty of other advantages to inflatable fishing. Just a few inches above the water, you have a front seat to see all the fish near you. Finally, the fishing paddle boards have an expensive deck floor, which allows you enough room to walk around your board freely.

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3. Increased stubbornness

One of the most important benefits of SUP fly fishing is how it travels effortlessly along the surface of the water. Sneak up at your prey to make the day’s kill. Therefore, it is less likely that you can frighten fish when you fish for SUP.

4. Worried casting

Fly fishing from a SUP allows you enough space to cast your line correctly. You never have to think about casting in bushes or hitting something or someone with your line again.

5. Completely health workout

In comparison to fishing by boat or on land, SUP fishing provides good preparation. You will paddle your SUP to your favorite fishing spots, almost all of your body’s muscles will work. Paddleboarding requires all the main components of the body: strength, balance, heart, and endurance. See how many calories you burn when you run. The extra weight of your fishing equipment would be a bonus for your workout. Cruising from point A to point B may sound tough, but your steady moves will help you concentrate on everything around you.

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