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We live in speedy modern societies where gyms, guided workouts, and glistening indoor facilities are available on every corner.

These everyday conveniences are amazing to have at our fingertips, but what if we combined our workout with an adrenaline rush and full immersion with nature?

The sport and lifestyle of surfing, and many other water sports that have been derived from the ocean, are some of the best ways to cultivate physical and mental well-being.

But how could a sport that takes place in the water actually make us healthier?

Surfing challenges the body and mind with the ever-changing ocean conditions and full variety of technical maneuvers and possibilities. Because every day on the ocean is totally different, based on the varying swells, wind patterns, and the type of break, surfers never find themselves bored. This is why dedicated surfers call surfing a “lifestyle” and not just a sport, and therefore find themselves practicing for decades.

On top of that, being a surfer or water sport enthusiast, is the quickest way to meet people within these communities. This means a surfer never really finds themselves lonely out in the line-up or when traveling to find surf. These enthusiastic ocean dwellers tend to recognize that eternal stoke within one another.

Physical stamina is also necessary to paddle a board out into a lineup. This is why it is hard not to be one’s best physically and mentally when committed to these sports. The art of surfing can literally change one’s outlook on life, because it instills a connection with the tides, weather, winds and ocean conditions. It also takes mental confidence and prowess to safely push one’s boundaries in the ever-changing environment of the ocean. This is why serious surfers tend to be mentally and physically resilient.

The ocean is a powerful and magnificent stomping ground and those who commit to it can reap the long list of life-changing benefits.


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