Do You Need to Know Exactly How to Swim to Paddle Board?

Do You Need to Know Exactly How to Swim to Paddle Board?

It is feasible to paddleboard without having the ability to swim. Nevertheless, it is much better if you can swim, offered just how most likely it is that you will undoubtedly fall off your inflatable paddle board at some point, mainly if you are a beginner. In this short article, we will discover all the paddle boarding issues for non-swimmers and also weak swimmers, and also supply suggestions for remaining risk-free and, most notably, to make sure you enjoy your time paddleboarding. Do you require to know precisely how to swim to paddleboard? It is encouraged to use a life coat as well as practice in still, tranquil waters in between 20″ as well as 30″ deep. Now you called a non-swimmer that finding out to paddleboard is still a choice for you, there are some things you require to be knowledgeable about before ‘spraying out’ on a new inflatable paddle board. Like, the deepness of water called for, Safety devices, ideal location, as well as what to seek when selecting your first paddleboard, etc. So, if you prepare to find out all you need to know about this fun as well as an exciting sport after that, please continue reviewing.

How much water Can a Non-Swimmer remain in to Discover to Paddle Board?

As a beginner, you are going to fall into the water, it is an all-natural part of finding out to stand up paddleboard, so if you are concerned about finding out in deep water, let’s have a look at the pros and cons of discovering to paddleboard in different depths of water.
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10″ Deep Water is not suitable for the paddleboard and also paddleboard fin

This is a method as well shallow; you may feel secure being just above ankle-deep in water, yet bear in mind, the fin of your paddleboard is between 6″ & 8″ tall, therefore will promptly get harmed as soon as any weight is put on the board. Likewise, this can be the simplest means to chip your plastic, epoxy, or carbon paddle board, or puncture your inflatable stand paddleboard.

The Very Best Area for a Non-swimmer to practice Stand Paddle Board

The most effective as well as most safe solution would certainly be to learn to stand up paddleboard in superficial still waters, in between the deepness of 20″ as well as preferably no more than 30″ of water. This could be a controlled environment like a natural or human-made Shallows. Shallows will hold lots of benefits to Knowing over any various other bodies of water. It’s shallow enough, yet deep sufficient to stand-up paddleboard.

What is the Safest approach to learn to Paddle Board if you Can Not Swim?

  • Use a life vest, so you will drift to the top of the water each time you fall in.
  • Go to a Lagoon, where it is a controlled and secure environment.
  • Obtain lessons from a qualified teacher.
I believe the safest means for a non-swimmer to find out to paddleboard would undoubtedly be to utilize a lagoon where the water is still and also just thigh-high in the situation that you fall off the SUP right into the water.

Do I Need to Use a Life Jacket while Paddle Boarding, if I can not Swim?

Yes, Stand-up paddleboarders are required to wear a life vest when working with a board or taking SUP lessons in the majority of countries. It is not the regulation to do so. However, it does make a fantastic feeling to put on one, correctly, if you can not swim. If you are not supplied, a life jacket when provided your paddleboard. It would certainly be advised to request one before heading out on to the water.
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What Do You Require to Use to Learn to Paddle Boarding?

When paddleboarding, it is vital to clothe for the water temperature level, not the air temperature level.
  • Swim outfit, damp fit, and also a Life vest for cold waters.
  • Swim outfit and also a life vest for moderate waters.
  • Swim outfit, life jacket, and sun cream in warm waters and also sunny days (used Sun cream thirty minutes before going in the water, to allow it to soak into the skin effectively).
  • Water footwear or Sandals (as proper).

What is the most effective Stand-Up Paddle Board for Beginners?

The very best inflatable paddle boards for newbies ought to be sized in between 9′ as well as 11′ lengthy dependent on weight, and also more significantly, in between 30″ and even 34″ broad. This width is what provides you stability. Blow up boards usually, are much more stable as they sit straight on top of the water.


Stand-up paddleboarding is an excellent sporting activity, as well as can be learned by individuals who can not yet swim. Be safe and do put on a life jacket at all times when near, on or in the water, as well as begin in shallow water, yet not so shallow that you damage your paddleboard fin (20″ or less).
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Not as well deep either, that you can not touch the ground or hop back onto your paddleboard. It goes to the end of the day approximately every individual among you to determine your abilities. But be reasonable and also smart. Currently, off you most likely to take part in this exhilarating entertainment activity. Just bear in mind– be smart, be risk-free! Best of luck, and also have fun!
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