Don’t Have Your Mate With These

Don’t Have Your Mate With These

Though Yerba Mate is safe normally and there are no serious problems in anyone consuming it, there are some contraindications though. They don’t go well with some of the other stuff that you might be consuming.

Stimulants Don’t Go Well Together

Two stimulants taken together is not good for your health. They may bring about serious problems as far as your heart rate and blood pressure are concerned. Certain drugs like amphetamines, cocaine, and ephedrine are stimulant drugs. They act by speeding up your nervous system which increases your heart rate.

Yerba Mate also acts by increasing your heart rate and blood pressure. Taking Yerba Mate along with the above drugs could prove dangerous. It is better to avoid it.


Adenosine is normally used to test your heart. It is given for a test called the heart stress test. The caffeine in Mate will affect the test. It will block the effects of Adenosine. It is better to avoid taking any beverage with caffeine when you take this test.

Dipyridamole is another drug used for doing heart stress tests. Caffeine in Yerba Mate is known to affect the effects of this drug too. So, the test results may not be correct. You have to avoid the consumption of Yerba Mate at least from 24 hours before the test.


Quinolone antibiotics are known to interact with Yerba Mate. There is caffeine in Yerba Mate. The body has to break down caffeine in order to get rid of it. Some antibiotics are known to reduce the speed of this breaking down the action. This will lead to an increase in the side effects like jitteriness, increased rate of heartbeat, headache etc. It is better to avoid consumption of Yerba Mate when you are taking these antibiotics.

Cimetidine is also known to reduce the speed of breakdown of caffeine by the body and result in the increase of side effects of caffeine. Disulfiram, Estrogen, and Fluvoxamine also have the same effect.


With Clozapine the action is in the reverse. Caffeine in Mate reduces the speed of breaking down of Clozapine. This might result in the increased side effects of Clozapine.

There are many drugs which taken along with Yerba Mate can have adverse effects. The Mate can reduce the effectiveness of these drugs or the combined effect of both could be harmful to the body. It is better to consult your doctor about this before you start the medication. Stopping Mate suddenly could have bad effects too.

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