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You can start surfing at any age. It is a sport that anyone with a passion can indulge in. As a starter of any age, there are certain things worth noting and practicing. As with any sport, beginners need to be careful about a few things and learn a few things. Let us see a few of those things that are important.

Find A Quiet Beach

Find a place that is not too crowded with surfers. The busy spots will be taken by the expert surfers and it is not wise to go and try your stuff there. When you go to a beach with very less surfers, you are likely to get more waves for yourself. This will help you to master the sport faster.

Do Beach Practice

People may look at you, but it is good for you as a beginner. Practice your pop-up while on the beach. Lay your board on the sand, after digging a small hole to accommodate your fin so that it doesn’t get damaged. The key to pop-up is speed and fluid movement. If you practice it on the beach, you will get it easier on the waters.

The Right Spot On The Board

When beginners paddle we find that sometimes they are too forward on the board making the head dip into the water. At other times they are too back on the board. You must find the right spot in the middle. You can then mark it so that you do it right all the time.

Take The Wave Head On

As you paddle out go horizontal to the waves and cut through them. You stay low on the board and meet the waves head-on. This is better than getting hit by a wave at the side and getting pushed to the shore with you on the ground.

Keep Your Back Straight

When you are trying to get up on the board after a little practice, please ensure that it is the knees that are bent and not your back. That way you will have much better control. You will also have much more force. It is way a better style than a straight leg and bent back.

Fall Safe

It is certain that you will fall a few times at least when learning. In those times, don’t jump from the board or go head first. Just fall back or to the side flatly. This is the safest way.

The above tips are just a few guidelines to help you get started.

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