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Gear For The Rookie Surfer

Anybody would love to be alone on that flat piece of board, with the waves looming large above, giving a slip to it and moving just ahead of it. Surfing is something that anyone would love to do. It is a pleasure watching those lithe bodies balanced on the surfboards, all alone on the roaring sea with just their skills to keep them upright. The thing with surfing is that you are alone out there and enjoying those thrilling moments. You don’t depend on another player or a team to enjoy this sport.

If you are just starting to surf, you should decide whether to go for new gear or to borrow from one of your friends. There are two reasons for saying this. On the one hand, you may not like surfing at all the leave it in the beginning. Secondly, surfing gear doesn’t come cheap. While you decide whether to buy or borrow, let us see what the best gear for a beginner is.

The Surfboard

This is the basic thing that you need. You can start your surfing on any surfboard, but then some boards are better suited for a beginner. It is like saying a slower car is better for a learner than one that would shoot off at the touch of the accelerator. The same way you have surfboards that are better for a beginner.

Soft Surfboards

For a beginner, a big soft surfboard is best. Because of their soft build, they have a better floating ability which is a must for a beginner. It is the soft foam construction that gives it the buoyancy. This helps to catch the waves easier. A bigger board also helps to catch the waves easily. You can go for something over 9’6” or however big you can carry.

A soft foam board is also good because as a beginner you are likely to fall many times over the board. A foam board will reduce your injuries to the minimum.

The Pop-Out

The Pop-Out is one that comes off an assembly line as opposed to the custom-built fiberglass boards. It is a cheaper alternative to the fiberglass boards. These boards are made of foam which is covered with thick fiberglass. These are virtually indestructible. Because of their weight, they don’t allow for much speed which is also good for a beginner. It is also much steadier on the water. As there are always beginners around your pop-out also has a good resale value

Now that you know something about the surfboards, you can go ahead the find more from experienced surfers.

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