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Getting A Leash For Your Surfboard

Getting A Leash For Your Surfboard

One of the most important accessories for surfing is your leash or leg rope as it is otherwise known as. It is a very essential piece of accessory because this is the one that will ensure that your surfboard doesn’t get separated from you. There are, however, other reasons also for you to buy a quality leash.

Why Buy The Leash?

As already mentioned the leash keeps you from being separated from your surfboard. The leash will also save you a long swim to the beach every time you bail out. If the leash wasn’t there your board would have been washed ashore and you have to swim all the way to retrieve it. Another reason is that this allows you a faster recovery because your board is close to you and you can immediately get on it.

The leash will keep the board from going and hitting the rocks or getting stuck between them. The leash also helps you to recover fast if you are being pounded by the waves. The board will be on the surface of the water and you can reach it easily. It also keeps the board from straying and hitting some of the other surfers.

Parts Of The Leash

Let us understand the leash better. It could be your life-saver sometimes. The cord, which is the main part, is made of polyurethane. As much as it is thicker the lesser the chances of it snapping off.

The cuff is the portion that attaches to your leg. Usually, it is attached with Velcro. Choose a cuff that is comfortable and yet fits snugly. If you choose one with a key pocket, you can keep your car keys there if they are not electronic keys.

The rail saver as the name suggests is one that protects the surfboard’s rails from being rubbed by the cord. When you fall off the board, the leash tightens, and there could be a lot of rubbing which can spoil the board. A wider and longer rail saver will give more protection to the board. However, the larger rail saver can create more drag.

The swivel is the link between the cuff and the cord. A swivel helps in the cord rotating as you move and prevents the cord from tangling around your legs.

You should purchase a leash that is ideally suited for you. There are several things you should consider before you purchase a leash. We will discuss that in another article.

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