Getting The Right Fin For Your Surfboard

Getting The Right Fin For Your Surfboard

Like the surfboards, there are some dimensions for the fins too. Fins are the short extensions at the rear end of the surfboard. These are found on the underside of your surfboard. The purpose of having a fin on your surfboard is to steer the surfboard.

Fins are basically of two types. One is the glassed-on fin which is attached to the surfboard and cannot be removed. The other one is the removable fin which can obviously be removed. Both serve the same purpose and performance is the same. We will see some details of the fins.

Depth Of The Fin

The depth of the fin is the distance between the tip of the fin to the base of the surfboard. This length is what goes into the water when you are surfing. A longer fin will ensure that you have better control when you are turning, and more stable in turns.

The Base Length

The base length is the length at the widest part of the fin. This means that the base length is the length of the fin where it meets the surfboard. This is where it is the longest. A longer fin will ensure that you go faster and have a greater drive. If you want to go fast you get a fin that has a higher base length.

The Fin Plug

This is the portion of the fin that goes into the fin slot on the surfboard. This is what is used to secure the fin on to the board in case the fins are removable. The fin plug is inserted into the fin slot on the board and secured with the fin screw. This has to be secured tightly for a good surfing experience.


This is the curve of the fin. It is measured as the distance the fin tip curves away from the surfboard. This distance decides how much you can turn. With a higher rake, you can take tighter turns with full control. This means that if the distance that the fin curves away from the surfboard is higher, then you can take a better turn. This will also ensure that you have better control over the turn. If the rake is shorter you have better drive but lesser control in turns.

Now that we have seen the different measurements of the fin and the effect they have on your surfing you have to decide on the fin type that you want.

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