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Getting Your First Custom Surfboard

Getting Your First Custom Surfboard

Once you have decided that you are going to be surfing regularly and have the necessary expertise, you can go for a customized surfboard. This will ensure a lot of things. For one this will exactly suit your body type and the wave you normally surf. There are also many other details that need to be given attention. To get all this on the surfboard, a customized board is the best.

A customized surfboard is not always very expensive. But there are some factors that should be checked and studied before getting the board customized. Let us see a few things that are worth knowing before you go for your custom surfboard.

Types Of Surfboards

Before you go into getting your custom surfboard you need to understand the types of surfboards that are there. There are basically four types of surfboards.

The shortboards are the ones you see on surf videos where the pros go ripping huge waves. These boards are highly maneuverable. These are good for the pros and great for high speeds and steep waves.

The Fish Surfboards, as the name suggests, has a fish-shaped profile. This one is shorter than normal. It is also wider than the usual ones. This type of surfboard is good for small to medium surf. These boards are more stable because they are wider.

The Longboard should be your choice if surfing is just fun for you and you just want to walk the length of the board as you glide on the water. This one is best for the beginners as it can catch the waves easily because of the length and thickness.

The Funboard is somewhere in between the shortboard and the longboard, catering to all kinds of surfers. This is very versatile and can be used in almost all conditions.

Find A Good Shaper

Once you have decided on the type of board you want, the next step is to find a good shaper. When you are looking for a shaper you should find out what type of boards they make. Not all shapers make all types of boards. You should find a shaper who is good at making the type of board that you want. You can check through your friends who have used the services of a shaper.

Once you have located a shaper what you must be careful is to give him or her your exact requirements. You should give them the accurate dimensions and details. This will assure you the best results.

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