Good Manners Make A Good Surfer

Good Manners Make A Good Surfer

Manners and etiquette are important for a peaceful life in our society. These are unwritten laws followed by the majority to make life happy for everyone. These are must in sports too so that the sportsmen enjoy the game. Even though surfing is an individual sport, some manners have to be followed because the arena is common for all players. The sea and waves are the same for all players. Here are some common unwritten rules that need to be followed by any surfer.

Wave Priority

This is one of the most important things to know. This must be followed to ensure that there is no chaos and injury. A breaking wave is common to all the surfers who are there. The sea is not going to give you an extra wave because there are more of you out there surfing. So, who gets the priority to surf on that wave?

The person who is the closest to the breaking part of the wave gets the first chance. If a surfer is riding the wave, then he gets to go first. Basically, it is the one who is furthest out and waiting for the longest time who gets the first priority. Then comes the furthest in, that is the one who is closest to the peak of the wave.

If there are two surfers trying for the same wave then it is the simple rule of first come first served, meaning who is first on his feet gets the wave. Communication is very important in surfing as in other games. If a wave is peaking on both left and right, it is better that you shout out your choice so that the others get the message. There is no need for two people to share the wave.

Other do’s and don’ts

It is not good to cut in front of someone who is already up and riding. It is not good manners and it is a good way of alienating yourself from others. Another thing you should avoid doing is to constantly paddle around someone to get into a wave. If everyone starts doing this then there will be utter chaos, and nobody will enjoy the surfing. Sharing the waves will make the sport interesting for everyone.

Last but least, it is always nice to apologize if you breach any of the etiquettes. After all, it is always good to well-mannered and nice to everyone.

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