Our guidelines for Pakaloa Surfing posts

Everybody Can Post, It’s 100% Free

We value your contributions and encourage you to interact with your fellow surfers! We also want to make sure that Pakaloa is a safe and trustworthy source for surfing advice and information. To help us with this goal, we ask that you abide by Pakaloa’s Content Policy and the following rules for surfing posts:


Be original, share your passion for surfing, your surf sessions, your surf trips, your tips, your photos, your videos. You are free to post what you are passionate about as long as it has something to do with our shared passion: surfing!

Attempts to impersonate other members or Pakaloa Staff or any reproduction of private correspondence with Pakaloa Staff may be removed.


Pakaloa.com is for surfers to exchange advice, not for advertising a service or business. Posting in exchange for gifts, services, money or any other benefit is prohibited. We reserve the right to reject specific content for any reason. External links that are not relevant to the topic or are purely promotional may be removed.

Spam, requests for participation in posts or similar solicitations and coordinating the exchange of money (including surfboards purchases, rentals, cost-sharing, resale of boards or surfing materials, etc.) are not allowed.

You may participate in discussions related to a business you are affiliated with (or a competitor), but only if you disclose that affiliation.

Easy to Read

Help other surfers get the most of your post by using the language of Pakaloa.com you are posting on. Any content that is posted multiple times will be removed.


Pakaloa as a surfing brand is offering me an incentive for a post – is that okay?

Occasionally, Pakaloa.com users are rewarded for submitting available content in a given period, language or country; or in connection with using new Pakaloa products or services.

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