How it works

Secure sponsoring protocol on blockchain

Pakaloa is the new way you organically connect with fans, boost your community & reach, increase your income & influence.

Fast & Seamless

Strategies that are both effective and easy to implement

No coding required

We create, deploy and manage the complete strategy for you

Smart Contracts

Deploying a contract can be very complex, so we manage it for you

Build Community

Your fan community will grow thanks to common interests very strongly

Secure Financial

Crypto money is developed to offer security and safety for you and your fans

No limits

Need to deploy a custom strategy or a complex custom project. Let's talk about it


We develop a plan that is tailored to your objectives

Athletes need goals to stay motivated, but they shouldn't stop there. We plan goals that help you advance in your sport, and if you're a manager, help your team succeed.


We plan, create, and implement the strategy

An implementation plan or strategic plan details how we should achieve a common goal. This plan will encompass all aspects of the project, from scope to results. This guide will define and construct an implementation plan.


We start communication and marketing to boost your reach

The marketing and communication strategy is the strategy we will deploy to reach your fans through various types of communication. It includes the message (what is to be said), the medium (where it is to be said), and the target (to whom your message is reaching).