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How long do Inflatable paddleboards last?

How long do Inflatable paddleboards last?

There’s a mistaken belief that inflatable paddle board are not half as durable as hard paddle board. This can not be farther from the truth. Inflatable paddleboards are extra long-lasting and lasting.

What Makes an Inflatable Paddle Board Sturdy?

If you’re the type who has been loyal to hard paddle board, you’re asking yourself why on earth would certainly wish to think about an inflatable paddleboard. A rigid paddleboard is intense and also tricky anyway.

Nevertheless, you’re losing out if you have not considered making use of an inflatable paddleboard (also known as iSUP). This is generally because iSUPs last longer, and also they’re most definitely a lot more durable than your preferred paddleboard. Why? It’s because of the PVC material that is immune to scrapes as well as damages.

When you compare an inflatable paddleboard to a rigid paddleboard, you’ll realize that the last is pretty susceptible to getting dings and dents. It additionally needs you to repair it as soon as possible. You don’t desire the water to permeate throughout the foam.

With an inflatable paddleboard, you won’t have to stress over water entering. There’s no foam inside that will undoubtedly obtain mushy when water goes in the board.

What Are inflatable paddleboards Made Of?

All inflatable paddle boards are made using Drop stitch building and construction. When you inflate the inflatable SUP, these strings allow for growth and also end up being super tight.

These layers, nevertheless, are not impermeable. A PVC layer has to be contributed to preventing air from dripping. This PVC product has impeccable stamina.

You will undoubtedly discover inflatable paddle boards with a solitary PVC layer. They are lighter as well as the most inexpensive. However, they are not the most rigid and might begin to flex after an instant.

Various other iSUPs are made with double, triple as well as even quad-layer PVC. The, even more, the layers, the extra sturdy and rigid the paddleboard will be. Producers generally indicate the number of layers while advertising and marketing.

There is likewise the concern of exactly how the PVC is applied– either laminated or making use of adhesive. A laminated PVC layer is the very best. If used utilizing adhesive, the paddleboard ends up being a little heavier.

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Seams figure out the durability of an inflatable paddleboard also. Glue, for example, will certainly break down gradually when exposed to components.

The bottom line is that iSUPs are virtually undestroyable due to the PVC and Drop stitch construction. They can last for years. Remember, the much more the layers, the longer your board will certainly last.

Crucial tip: if you wish to obtain a concept of just how sturdy an iSUP is, inspect the warranty. A more extended warranty shows confidence by the producer.

What are a Drop stitch Building and construction?

PVCs aren’t just the ones responsible for the durability of an inflatable paddleboard. There’s also what you call drop stitch building and construction.

The drop-stitch construction is the make of the stitches that keep the layers of the paddleboard with each other. It’s several strings that make sure that the leading and the lower PVCs of the paddleboard do not damage away from each other.

The threads that compose an inflatable paddleboard permit the board to hold its form when you inflate it. Have you ever asked yourself why it does not form the shape of a balloon? It’s the drop stitch threads doing their task.

A massive aspect of an inflatable paddleboard’s durability is the high quality of drop stitching made on it. If the drop stitching is substandard after that, your inflatable paddleboard will certainly not last for a long time.

For How Long Do Inflatable Paddle Boards Last?

So the all-important inquiry below is, how long do inflatable paddleboards last? Many variables determine the answer to this, yet the most basic is that many inflatables last for a minimum of 5 years. When you deal with your paddleboard, it will last for years.

A good-quality inflatable paddleboard will certainly commonly last five years even when it’s being utilized regularly. The crucial point is that it is being preserved well. If you get a low-grade inflatable paddleboard, expect it to last for just 1 to 3 years.

Many low-grade paddleboards don’t have double sewing and a lot of strings that will guarantee that the PVCs are intact. In time, these threads loosen, and also they affect just how the whole paddleboard holds together. The more you use these sorts of paddleboards, the quicker the high quality deteriorates.

However, if you buy a mid-range to a high-quality inflatable paddleboard, these boards will more than likely last for greater than five years. A lot of these boards will likewise have 1-3 years of guarantee.

Aspects that Impact the Life of Your Inflatable Paddle Board

I stated earlier that the life of your paddleboard would greatly depend on a lot of factors. Below are several of them.


The first thing that impacts a paddleboard’s longevity is its construction. For apparent reasons, low-quality PVCs that aren’t united by many threads will most definitely not last long. Offer it a year or two, and also it will undoubtedly show indications of wear and tear.

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On the other hand, if you got an iSUP that was used multiple layers of PVC as well as a lot of seams, after that, this paddleboard will last a while. Some paddlers even observe that these types of iSUPs function well even after five years.

Before you even criticize the lack of maintenance, please recognize that the building and construction of an inflatable paddleboard is the most significant factor that establishes its durability and longevity.

UV Layer

Did you know that paddleboards likewise require some UV defense? UV rays can harm the PVC, eventually reducing the life span of your iSUP.

Most paddleboards produced today currently have a UV finish, so if the version you have today does not, it’s better to get some finishing on it. Remember that an ultraviolet layer doesn’t make your iSUP immune from UV ray damage for the remainder of the board’s lifetime.

The UV covering includes security (just like sunscreen for your body), yet it does not safeguard it for an extended period. At some point, you have to re-apply it.

How Long Do Inflatable Paddleboards Last?

How long do Inflatable paddleboards last - Pakaloa
How long do Inflatable paddleboards last

Upkeep and Cleaning

Exactly how you care for your paddleboard will make a difference in how long it lasts. Care for an inflatable paddleboard is various from that of a rigid paddleboard. For something the former calls for that, you decrease it now and then. You ought to additionally store your iSUP in a chilly, covered place.


While this is not the figuring-out element, a firm that is known to have paddleboards as its main product will most definitely have more experience than a business expanding its product line. Some firms outsource their SUP manufacturing without having sufficient research and development.

To contribute to that, a trusted business will probably have an even more resilient paddleboard. One of the signs that inform you this holds is the service warranty.

Paddleboards that have service warranties that last up to 3 years are a great indication. This implies that the firm is optimistic that its SUPs are durable and will most likely not barge in the initial three years.

Tips to Care For Your Paddle Board

There are numerous means to look after your iSUP effectively. If you don’t recognize just how to do it yet, below are some straightforward suggestions to obtain you began.

Wash your paddleboard.

If you do your paddling in salt water, ensure that you wash your iSUP after every session. This gets rid of the salt, dirt, as well as crushed rock that is left externally. If you’re paddling in freshwater, there’s no demand for washing it after every paddling session.

Clean it with an all-natural, naturally degradable cleanser.

The very best item to clean your paddleboard with is a natural, naturally degradable cleanser. This does not have any chemicals that can harm your paddleboard. You desire a mild cleaner that will certainly eliminate the stubborn dirt on the iSUP.

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Dry it extensively before saving.

When you’re done cleansing your inflatable paddleboard, wipe the whole board with a soft cloth. Wipe it down completely because you desire it to be dry before you store it. You can likewise choose to air completely dry it, yet a towel dry is a whole lot much faster.

Keep it out of the sunlight.

This ought to be worried regularly. Even if your iSUP has a UV coat, it’s an excellent method to maintain it umbrageous constantly. It might be ironic that paddleboards are made use of imaginable. However, that’s simply the way it is. It’s also much better if your paddleboard is saved inside your home.

Decrease it from time to time.

Should you decrease your inflatable paddleboard all the time? Doing so will likewise let the entire board “kick back.”

Do not place it on the flooring.

Whether you have an iSUP or a rigid paddleboard, you should not put it straight on the floor. When positioned directly on the floor, dirt particles can influence the durability of the board. Besides, if you have family pets, you want your paddleboard to be far from their reach.

If you intend to place the paddleboard on the flooring, position a thick cloth in between the board and the flooring. This avoids any scrapes as well as bits to harm it.

Roll it correctly.

When you store your iSUP inside the bag, there’s a correct means to do it.

First, get rid of the air inside the paddleboard. Make sure that there isn’t air inside it. This ensures that the air inside will certainly not grow when the temperature level increases in the storage shed.

Second, when you roll the decreased paddleboard, do not do it also snugly. The tension on the seams can harm its stamina. Preferably, it would help if you moved it a little loosely, so there’s no tension between the PVC and the seams. Just roll is sufficient to suit the storage bag.

No dragging!

Some people are also positive with their paddleboards; they forget they shouldn’t be dragging them on sand or crushed rock. Sure, an iSUP is durable and constructed to last, but it’s not unsusceptible to damages. Pulling everything over the place is the fastest means to damage also the greatest paddleboard out there.

So, the length of time do inflatable paddle boards last?

Inflatable paddle boards can last anywhere from 5 to ten years. A paddleboard with higher quality PVC layers is more durable. If you take great care of your inflatable SUP, it will offer you an extended period.

A more extended guarantee reveals that the maker believes in the construction. The more you utilize your board, the extra it will undoubtedly put on, as well as the much fewer years it will certainly last.

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