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How Many Calories does Paddle Boarding Burn?

paddle board is getting more and more popular with each passing year. One of the reasons for its popularity is that it is a fun workout that helps people shed extra pounds and burn calories while enjoying nature. Unlike traditional workout sessions done in the gym, this form of full-body exercise is refreshing, exciting, and relaxing.

It allows you to do many things simultaneously. For instance, you can enjoy sunlight, salty fresh air, a beautiful view of Mother Nature, and paddling altogether. It helps you become fit mentally and physically, both.

Can I burn calories with paddleboarding?

So, have you too started paddle boarding with the intention of burning calories and gaining an improved body shape? If yes, then you must have complete knowledge of how many calories you can burn while paddle boarding. In this article, we have described everything you need to know about burning calories through different paddle boarding workouts. So, let’s keep reading to learn more!

Burning Calories through Paddle Boarding

Like other forms of workout, paddle boarding lets you burn calories through the movement of muscles. The number of calories you burn is each session depends on different factors.

The more expert you are in an inflatable paddle board, the more calories you will be able to burn. It is because an expert is more aware of the right techniques and movements. He knows how to keep balance while moving in different directions and how to strengthen the core through firm movements.

Age is another factor that determines the number of calories burned per session. An aged person tends to burn fewer calories as compared to a young one. Similarly, if you have more weight, you will burn more calories (because you have more calories). If we look at the gender, then male burns more calories than females.

Generally speaking, an intermediate to expert level paddle boarder can burn 330 to 460 calories on average during an all-around paddle boarding session of 1 hour. This paddle boarding is casual and done at a slower pace comparatively.   

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Calories Burnt during Different Workouts (per hour)

Let’s see how many calories you can burn through different forms of exercises.

  • Walking – 205 calories
  • Running – 670 calories
  • Cycling – 300 to 700 calories
  • Surfing – 430 calories
  • Swimming – 800 calories

Different Forms of Paddle Board Workouts

Paddle board workouts can be divided into many types based on the purpose of paddle boarding. You can burn a different number of calories during each form of paddle boarding. Let’s see how.

Recreational SUP  

This is most suitable for the beginners who are initially trying to stay balanced on the paddle board. They do not show as much muscle movement or activity as other forms of paddling show. It is usually done on calmer water and at a normal pace.

On average, a person can burn 330 to 450 calories while doing recreational standup paddle boarding for one hour. The more time you spend practicing it, the more calories you will burn and get more experienced in paddling. It strengthens your muscles when you use your arms and shoulders to paddle and your lower body to stay balanced.

SUP Yoga

Yoga is a great mind relaxing activity people perform to reduce muscle tension and make their minds more active. More effort is required when it is done on the water as you need to balance yourself while doing different poses on water.

While doing yoga on land, you can burn up to 200 calories. The number gets double or even more than double when you do yoga on the water. On average, SUP yoga burns 420 to 530 calories per hour. And if you practice tougher poses for more time, you will be able to burn even more calories. It will make you more focused, relaxed, and flexible.

SUP Touring

Tour paddling is done at a normal speed to cover a longer distance. During one session of tour paddling, the paddler does not stop while travelling and stop only when he reaches his destination. It is similar to recreational paddling, but it is done at a faster pace comparatively.

During a SUP tour, a person can burn 610 to 710 calories per hour. It is most suitable for adventurous people. They can go with their friends and release their stress out.  You will be able to enjoy touring as well as nature’s beauty on calmer water.

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SUP Surfing

Surf paddling is a very thrilling activity surfer can do as an alternative to surfboarding. You can balance your board on waves with the help of paddle and can catch waves easily. This workout is getting more and more popular due to its advantages.

During a normal surfing session, people usually burn 250 to 400 calories. On the other hand, during a SUP surfing session, you can easily burn 630 to 730 calories in an hour. You can burn even more calories if you do paddle boarding in larger and rougher waves. You will also develop more muscles through this thrilling full-body workout. It will make you forget your boring and expensive gym.

SUP Fishing

People who enjoy fishing can take advantage of this activity to catch fishes and burn calories together. Instead of going to your fishing spot on a boat, you can use a paddle board to reach there.

Fishing itself is not a strenuous activity, so you will not burn as many calories while just standing with a fishing pole in hands. You will burn more calories while reaching towards and away from your fishing spot. On average, you can burn 140 calories to 420 calories during a SUP fishing session of one hour.

SUP Racing

SUP racing is an amazing sport for those who love taking challenges and enjoy speed. During race paddling, people cover longer distances while maintaining their speed. They manage so many things at the same time due to which the maximum number of calories burin during this kind of paddle board workout.

Wind and water resist the speed, so you have to put more force on the paddle to move ahead of all. Due to many different activities performed during SUP racing, you can easily burn 720 to 1120 calories in an hour. However, you can increase the number of calories by racing in the rougher water for a longer time.

Is Paddle Boarding Good for Weight Loss?

Yes, definitely. You can burn calories and shed extra pounds while enjoying nature. Weight loss requires a lot of struggle. So, only paddle boarding may not help you lose weight as fast as you want. You will have to bring a few lifestyle changes to see a better effect. You will need to reduce your calorie intake so that you can burn the calories already stored in the body.

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How Many Calories Does Paddle Boarding Burn - Pakaloa
How Many Calories Does Paddle Boarding Burn?

Does Paddle Boarding Build Muscles?

Yes, paddle boarding does build body muscles. You use different body muscles to show movement, maintain poses, or perform different activities while paddle boarding. Doing these activities together increases your overall muscle strength.

What Muscles does Paddle Boarding Work?

As you work on maintaining body balance, paddle boarding works on your core muscles. When you use the paddle to move ahead in the water, your arms and shoulder muscles are used. Similarly, if you are standing on the paddle boarding, your legs and thighs muscles will also develop. All in all, we can say that almost all body muscles are involved during paddle boarding.

Ways to Burn More Calories

You can burn more calories through paddle boarding if you do this activity mindfully and more actively. Paddle boarding for a long time allows you to make your muscles move more so you can burn more calories by paddling more. Similarly, covering longer distances during paddle paddling is another way of burning more calories.

Another important factor that influences the number of calories a person can burn is the techniques he uses during paddle boarding. An expert uses the right, and effective techniques so get to burn more calories. On the other hand, a beginner’s more focus is on maintaining balance, and he is also unaware of the techniques, so he does not burn as many calories.  

How to Paddle Better?

Keep in mind the following tips to improve your performance during paddle board workout sessions.

  • Evenly distribute your energy while you are standing on the paddle. Bend your knees slightly and use your back muscles to paddle.
  • Before every paddle boarding session, stretch your muscles on the land and boost your energy with a protein drink, etc.
  • Instead of looking down, look forwards.
  • Keep your paddle shaft vertical while putting the paddle blade in the water and hold it tight. Bury blade deep into the water.

Paddle boarding is a refreshing workout that you can use to burn calories and simultaneously enjoy nature. Unlike exercising in the boring atmosphere of the gym, you can enjoy the freedom of being in the fresh air, sun, and water. So, make your workouts more fun with paddle boarding!

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