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How to be Better with a Fishing Paddle Board

It makes you better on a fishing paddle board

We ‘re still prepared to develop the hobbies we enjoy. In this case, we will help you improve your SUP fishing game. If you did not know, SUP fishing recently captured the attention of fishers throughout the world, because it is a great new way to get the catch of the day. And how is one a SUP fishing pro? All are listed in the fine details below.

1. Plan ahead, Prepare ahead

Make sure that your SUP fishing trip is ready. Check the weather – it is important to take note of the wind direction and speed. The wind will drive you over a paddle board rather than a kayak, and you do not have an engine to support. Find out these health tips if you are fishing alone. Make sure you know where you are going, too. It is easy in the backwater to get lost, particularly if you are hunting for fish. Seek not to try new places on your own and always ensure that you have a map. No one needs to be saved!

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2. Loading your fishing SUP

You don’t want to weigh all the machinery down. Pack out what you really like.

You ‘re going to need these things:

  • The rod of fishing
  • Play Reel
  • Lines. Lines
  • Netcast
  • If you use live fish, fish bucket
  • Anchor paddleboard if windy
  • A small box of tackles

In order to keep the fish I eat healthily, I always bring a small cooler to sit down and hold ice. I also placed a milk cake on my board to keep my gear under the bungee.

3. Find warmth during your SUP fishing

You want to be confident since you are walking, casting, and rolling on your plate. Make sure you know the fundamentals of paddleboarding before you leave with all your equipment. Remember that when you are rolling in your fish you must balance — you don’t want to go overboard! Make sure you get comfortable on and off your board while your gear is loaded. I still come on and off my boat, whether to catch live bait or stop and fish off the river.

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4. Organizing your good fishing SUP

You want all your gear at your fingertips and know where your board is located. You don’t want to look for your pliers while your fish floppy. You can make a cheap and practical rod holder by cutting a piece of PVC pipe and tilting it to the edge of the milk board when you want to carry a Milk Cast.

Some inflatable paddle boards are for SUP fishing and are fitted with Scotty mounts mounted to the board wall. You will need a place to paddle your rod while you swim and take your fish off the deck. I always encourage you to get a paddle holder. It’s easy to catch up with your fish and unintentionally knock off your board and believe me it’s not as fun fishing with your gear!

5. Be alert for the unexpected

You want to be prepared for the unexpected for every SUP adventure. Mind drinks, food, sunscreen … and your PFD, of course!

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