Are you looking for surf company that sells boards, equipment and gear and that also values where their products are made and where they end up? Then look no further.

We believe that as surfers and ocean enthusiasts we have to protect our environment and maintain “clean” practices when it comes to how of our products are sourced. We spend too much time in the water to overlook the fact that all our consumer choices affect our natural environment.

As one of our highly touted values, we believe in supporting the surf industry as a whole rather than just focusing solely on our own products so that the industry can grow in the right direction.


This is why partnerships with wholesalers and retailers with like-minded sensibilities; humanitarian and environmental awareness is something we seek and provide.

As surfers ourselves, we know first hand what ocean lovers want and value and our boards and gear are carefully crafted with that in mind.

Our company creates the products and our chosen partner companies sell them to the consumer.


From the moment we head out of the house to go for a surf we have to grab towels, wax, leashes, boards, wetsuits, board shorts, bikinis, sunscreen, etc.

Each of those individual products we, as the consumer, have to carefully select based on function, comfort, and style. Because let’s face it, we are also investing a substantial amount of money on our passion, our consumer choices should be educated and mindful as well as personal.

We know how important well-shaped, well-made and mindfully sourced boards and gear are to a surfer’s repertoire and we are a surf company that is here to provide that.


As a responsible surf brand Pakaloa has chosen to sell its products only through its partners.

If you would like to purchase Pakaloa products simply visit your local or online favorite surf store

(if he doesn’t offer our products yet, invite him here: Pakaloa Wholesale Surfing Supplier Portal).