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How to Increase paddle board Rental Revenues

How to Increase SUP Rental Revenues

Do you want to increase paddle board rental revenues? If you are living on some pennies generated from rents, get out of this state and get ready to celebrate your success. You can take your business to the next level with some basic ways that are must follow. Whether it is marketing or training, each and every step is necessary and productive.

Here I have listed some practical ways to help boost your paddle board business. So, without any delay, let’s dig in this guide and boost SUP revenues!

What is a SUP rental business?

SUP rental business is a modern-day business in which you offer Stand-up-paddle boards on rent for a thrilling water experience. This water sport is enormously getting the attention of the people that is a plus point for you. As everyone does not go to purchase this board, you can have a stock of stand-up-paddle-boards and rent out to generate paddle board rental revenues.

This business offers you a number of strategies to engage with your clients. If you are a beginner or want to go for a first-time investment, represent yourself as an online brand and handle your business without any shop. But if you have some good investment or any building near the water area, you can go with the physical proof of your business. Both of the strategies generate superb revenue.  

Ways to increase SUP rental revenues

The start-up of any business is the very first step to generate profits, but if you want to reap long-term benefits, you have to think broadly. So is the case with SUP rental business. There are many competitors in this highly competitive world discovering strategies to make their business from good to the best. If you also want to excel in your business, do not skip any of these exceptional ways to increase your SUP rental revenues. Here we go!

Use trendy marketing strategies

Do you think your business can generate profitable revenue without its marketing? It’s a big NO! You have to use trendy strategies to market your business. You have to answer all the queries of potential clients that you can do with proper marketing. 

Promote your business with different social media platforms and update clients with every deal, notification, and engagement to interact with you. Like, making a Facebook page and uploading A to Z about your SUP rental business is one of the best and most workable strategies. Grab your large audience on the Instagram page and bring them into the mainstream by providing all information about your rental SUP business. Building a website with your portfolio, customer feedback, and prospects would be a treat.

One of the most trendy and productive marketing strategies is to invite sports celebrities or influencers and upload their experience on your social media platforms. When maximum people reach your brand via marketing, your followers will definitely increase and develop trust. This whole approach would serve as the backbone to flourish and increase SUP rental revenues.

Host SUP matches

Hosting SUP matches or tournaments make people more focused on paddle boarding. You can host competitions and offer prizes to the winners for showing the presence of your rental SUP business. These matches not only give a boost to your brand but also help you gain regular customers. 

Hosting an event also generates cash for entrance, and spectators give revenue. You can also collaborate with other businesses for the prize and make a partnership. If you want to grab passionate customers, award memberships to the winners and give discounts to their referred clients. This will make a chain to promote your business, and you get dual benefits.  

Do not forget to promote winners of your hosted match on different social media platforms with photos and videos of the event. Side by side, keep sending emails and updates for upcoming events to your regular or past clients.

Make full use of the internet

If you want to take your SUP rental business to the next level, make full use of the internet. From marketing to guiding, you can do wonders with the internet. Offer online sessions and bring awareness to people to encourage this sport. 

You can make an online community for additional sales. After completing a class or session, send a questionnaire and ask their opinion. Keep water sports lovers up-to-date for upcoming events and make an event calendar to drive full awareness.

Offer attractive packages to your customers

If you do not want to lose your customers, make them feel special with different packages and give as much discount as you can. Offering a dedicated rental plan goes best to boost revenues. You can break down the plan into three offers, individuals, groups, and members. Offer hourly rates in individual package.

In the group package, charge per person instead of per hour. This will attract a group of friends to rent your pedal boats. The third package you can offer is given membership, and this is the highly productive approach. You get regular customers without much effort. You can give unlimited access or a huge discount to your members. When a client gets a membership subscription, it ensures that they are successful in presenting your business as most reliable and trusted.  

But at this stage, you have to be very careful and go simple. Avoid making complicated plans that confuse customers. It is the game of seconds. You have to be quick to introduce different rates, products, or other plans without making them frustrated.

Make your customers feel safe

Safety is the first and foremost concern of every customer, and it is worth it. You have to make sure safe paddle boarding with all necessary equipment like life jackets (PFD), life jackets for kids and life jackets for dogs. When buying boards, do not go for cheap quality as low-quality boards leak and result in accidents. 

Give your customers full satisfaction about the board. Let them check the products for their satisfaction and offer safety jackets, floating sunglasses. You can gain more trust by offering unique items like waterproof phone cases and wet suits. When clients get that you are the best service provider, your business will get a boost in revenue.

Provide different beneficial SUP activities

If you want to make your SUP rental business more engaging and attractive, provide different beneficial SUP activities. Like, allow people to enjoy on boards with their children. Most importantly, think out of the box and offer boarding with pets. 

When all can enjoy, then why not pets. This would be the best strategy for family fun. You can make this workable by providing a guide to the customers. The trainer or guide will help to maintain their equilibrium with pets or children and make them feel more secure on your boards.

Create a partnership with different businesses

A well-established business has some supports, and partners are one of those. It is a collaborative effort that polishes the image of any brand and helps to increase revenue. If you want never-ending clients, do not hesitate to connect with others. 

Like, stand-up-boats run in water parks or tourist spots. What could be more beneficial than collaborating with hotels or parks? It would be superb! You can make a deal with the hotel or park authorities to recommend tourists. When you endorse a hotel for good accommodation, food, security, and reasonable rates, you serve as a customer provider for hotel. In return you get profit. Isn’t it credible?

How To Increase Paddle Board Rental Revenues - Pakaloa
How To Increase Paddle Board Rental Revenues

Connect with paddle board suppliers

Outsourcing is the key to boost sales and you can do this to boost SUP rental revenue. Generally, it is a seasonal sport and it would be difficult to have thousands of stand-up-boards in your capacity. You can connect with different paddle board suppliers and make use of their boards in shortage. This will also save your space to store more boards at a single time.

You can make a group of SUP rental providers and get benefit of each other’s paddle boards. This will also help targeting more customers at different places and increase revenues.

Teach SUP

It is not compulsory that everyone is expert in SUP boarding. There are many people who love this adventurous sport but are not good to deal with it. You can get benefit of this opportunity and offer SUP teaching or coaching. If you have some certified trainers, it would be best. 

The trainers help people to manage boards on water to avoid any accidents. You can make a category of teaching and training to newbies or even children. When organize such classes, you will get double revenue; first from the training and second from those clients after getting classes.

Another interesting activity you can offer is offer SUP yoga classes. You can consult yoga experts and offer discount to your members. Organizing weekly or monthly yoga classes is also good for people willing to learn without spending much on membership.


The SUP rental revenue skyrocket with proper strategies and effective planning. If you want to celebrate the perks of your success must follow above mentioned ways to increase your profit. You will see an outstanding result and all your efforts will pay off.

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