How to reduce anxiety with paddle boarding

How paddle boarding can help to reduce anxiety

How to to reduce anxiety with paddle boarding

Stress is a fact of life — even without the recent pandemic turmoil. While the health crisis has certainly increased stress rates worldwide, it is safe to assume that some of us are still looking for “ways to reduce tension.”

There are certainly many things that can be stressful: work, status, success … but let’s not get too detailed. After all, we ‘re here to escape everyday stressors. So where are we going to do this?

Of course, the water

Our partiality can be true, but paddle boarding really is a great way to alleviate stress. There are a variety of strategies for dealing with suggested stress relievers and (not surprisingly) you can discover that hitting the water with your favourite paddle board suits in more than one way.

SUP is perfect workout

We’ll risk guessing and saying that stress relieving exercise is common knowledge at this point. Healthine actually cites exercise as one of our most important tools for stress deconstruction. Therefore, it is no brainer to suggest inflatable paddle boarding as a stress relief due to its exercise benefits.

SUP isn’t a regular gym outing. It’s a complete experiment in action on the water that releases endorphins. Oh, and have we mentioned soaking all that natural sun vitamin D? Wins on wins. Wins on wins.

A condensed lesson on endorphins — these exquisite brain chemicals behave like “normal painkillers.” These can boost the mood, alleviate pain and enhance satisfaction and even improve sleep. Aka, endorphins are a normal release from stress.

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The challenge you can overcome is paddle boarding

When long listings and complex problems start to stack up it is not unusual to shut down under the weight of combined pressure or even to think about a single problem that is difficult to solve.

Just as all the small achievement of completing one step at a time before looking onto the next one can help you build the momentum needed to get the project through, it will fill you with a real sense of self-satisfaction to meet the challenge of paddle boarding.

Sensation of accomplishment and relation to yourself in a state of accomplishment, which avoids negative doubt of yourself, will give a boost to your state of mind that you enjoy on and off the water. Understanding that you have the potential to handle and conquer a obstacle like SUP will help you get the confidence needed to solve other problems.

Boarding Stand Up Paddle encourages personal awareness

SUP requires self-awareness in a very practical way. You must know where and how to place your feet on the board. To control your ship, you have to understand the best paddle grip. You must know how to use your heart to provide stability and strength while travelling.

You can also align your breath with your practise by concentrating on connecting these muscles and movements into the body. When you balance all these physical elements to stay afloat, you are more likely than all day to be in contact with yourself.

It is a normal, safe way to relieve stress to focus your attention on being mindful of your body and how you move through water so you effectively stop the negative thought circles of your head.

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SUP is humbling. Humbling.

Okay, listen to us on this one. What are you doing while on the board, connect with your own inner balance and learn the water’s rhythm and how to flow with it? You balance yourself literally with creation. You must be on the board to stay …

But beyond that, we found that riders always awaken a deeper awareness of nature within themselves, and that it is huge when they are on board. Whether you are floating with a blank mind on still water or paddling through the current, it is difficult not to spend time in a SUP and do not come out of it respecting the sheer size and power of nature.

The humbling experience of understanding the enormous expanse of nature there and the powers working with much greater power than one human can ever accomplish gives us reverence that lies in peace and reverence. It takes us away from ourselves and leads us to think beyond all the personal problems and stressors of our lives.

With your friends, you can SUP.

Families with friends and family, paddleboarding can be just as fun as it’s a solitary experience. You can paddle the board 6 feet apart, yes.

It is a perfect way to alleviate stress to spend deliberate time with people who are important in your life. The reminder that you have a support network not only does great things for your tranquilly, it also provides a feeling of ease.

Your crew will paddle the water and enjoy the sun together. You also may also be able to hold a meaningful conversation (maybe about what stresses you) in an area removed from the pressures of your typical environment.

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We firmly believe that paddle boarding offers one of the most accessible, immediate and direct ways to a healthier, more calm and fulfilling life.

Perhaps it is not in the immediate future to reach a truly stress-free life. Nonetheless, we are here to help you find the little things and life hacks that can help to reduce tension once at a time.

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