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How to Start Paddle Board Racing

How to Start Paddle Board Racing

How to Start Paddle Board Racing? Are you addicted to inflatable paddle board (SUP)? If so, after that, opportunities are, SUP racing has crossed your mind. Or you’ve crossed courses with like-minded motorcyclists that race paddleboards, and also you prepare to try it yourself.

The fantastic point is, you can enter into paddle board auto racing no matter your skill level. The sport is not just for sophisticated riders. It’s for any individual with enthusiasm for paddleboarding, who enjoys testing themselves literally, and intends to compete in a fun sport on the water. Before you study your very first race, there are a few basics and tips that you need to keep in mind.

Paddleboard Competing Essentials

There are several kinds of paddleboard races you can contend in. From a leisurely 5K straight-line paddle on your local lake to the Yukon River Quest, a difficult 444-mile race via the Canadian wilderness, there’s a SUP race for everyone.

Races start ashore, on the coast, or in the water, in waves or warm divided by gender, experience degree, sign-up time, or type of paddleboard. You can race in the ocean, on flat water, as well as in streaming rivers.

Every race begins with a pre-race conference, an event of all rivals where everybody evaluates the regulations, safety measures, and details about the course. This is your chance to ask concerns concerning the race, so it is essential to attend this conference, especially if it’s your very first one.

Courses are typically divided up by board kind and age. According to the Globe Paddle Organization, there are several classes based on your board type: 12′ 6 ″ as well as under (least affordable), 14 ′ as well as under (reasonably competitive), and over 14 ′( most affordable).

The large variety of rivals makes paddleboard racing such an enjoyable and straightforward sporting activity for individuals of all ages and physical abilities to get into.

Types of Paddleboards for Racing

You can buy a specialized racing paddleboard or begin with the one you currently have. With the ever-increasing popularity of the sporting activity, you can quickly locate a class or department to complete being used a brief, well-rounded board or even inflatable paddleboard.

Ultimately, you may be ready to update to a paddle board explicitly created for auto racing. Racing SUPS are much narrower than recreational boards, around 25-29 ″ broad, and more challenging to balance.

Purchasing a racing paddleboard implies you’re serious about the sport. Specialized competing paddleboards begin at around $1200 yet deserve it when your goal is to cover a great deal of ground (or water) as fast as possible.


You’ll need to bring a few crucial devices on board throughout every race. First, all races will undoubtedly require you to have a life jacket (PFD) and a leash. In some races, you’re required to carry a whistle in case of emergencies.

Second, you’ll want to buy high quality, lightweight carbon fiber one-piece paddle. A good paddle suggests much less effort spent paddling and being able to go longer ranges with fewer strokes.

Make sure to bring along some creature comforts, mainly if competing for longer distances. A lightweight hydration pack is a must, eliminating the demand to fuss about with water bottles. Bring a hat, water-proof phone case, water shoes (to prevent your feet from getting sore on the deck), sunblock, as well as chapstick.

How to Start Paddle Board Racing - Pakaloa SUP
How to Start Paddle Board Racing

How to Locate a Race

Possibilities are, you’ve already seen or experienced a race in your regional SUP community, or at the very least talked to somebody who has. Speaking to a person at your neighborhood SUP shop or paddle guide business is a great area to begin. They’ll have the ability to point you to races that are close to residence and also in waters you’re currently knowledgeable about.

If you’re not having much luck finding something on the more prominent websites; look into your local Facebook teams and events by searching for SUP races. Occasionally individuals will hold occasions that aren’t openly listed or funded. These smaller-sized races are a few of the very best; bringing together one of the most passionate paddlers in your neighborhood. Ask your local paddle board rental business, they know all about local races.

Obtain Involved

Because paddleboarding is such an inclusive sport, you do not have to be a rival to get entailed. If you’re still not exactly sure regarding auto racing; you can begin by volunteering to function the race while you learn the ropes. You can work the enrollment camping tent, assist with configuration, break down, and promote spectators’ needs.

Numerous paddleboard races work with not-for-profit organizations and charities to raise money and awareness for unique causes. You can offer to assist with fundraising or promoting the event; or perhaps subscribe to be a vendor and promote your reason or business. Or you can attend as a viewer and also applaud on a buddy!

Despite exactly how or why you enter paddleboard racing, make sure to have a good time! It’s one of the only sports where novices can compete right alongside experts. As well as don’t stress over going at it alone. You’ll satisfy people from all professions who have something alike: a love for being on the water.

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