How to SUP


This fast start cheat sheet helps you learn how to paddle board in no time! Stand up paddleboarding is an outstanding water sport since it can be performed by anyone. It doesn’t matter how old you are or how physical you are. All you have to do is go out and try it. This guide is built to get you out quickly and easily. Paddleboarding is not just enjoyable and easy to learn. It is an unbelievably healthy exercise which is very fun. Regardless of your level of ability or interests, when it comes to paddleboarding, there is something for everyone. You can practice yoga, fish, snorkeling, cruising, surfing, and take part in all manner of paddle board adventures. Don’t let your inexperience retain you. Use this quick start guide to learn how to sprinkle and you will enjoy yourself on the water.

Learn how to quickly SUP

Here’s a rundown of the basics before you reach the surface. These tips are important because they will make your learning experience safer and more fun. They will better help you learn how to stand up quickly and easily.

Always swell your paddleboard to the correct PSI

Practice in peaceful waters. Learning how to SUP in flat and calm waters is much easier. Look for a protected stretch of water such as a lake or a river.

Weather check

Check the weather. It’s nice to be used to weather monitoring before you head out. Not only for health but simply to enjoy yourself more. BONUS TIP: Morning and evening winds appear to be lower.
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Wear a Collar and PFD. Wear always to the U.S. Licensed Personal Flotation Device (PFD) from Coast Guard – also called a life jacket. Just don’t hurt your collar. Leashes allow you and your inflatable paddle board to be free. Study on the related board. Boards come in every shape and in every scale. The variety is due to the various types of work you can do with a SUP. If you learn SUP, it is best to find something long and big. This will help to improve your overall stability and balance.

Adjust the paddle properly

In a previous article, we covered this in detail, so have a look. Getting your paddle right makes things easier and improves your stroke overall. Prevent common inflatable paddle boarding errors. Remove some of the most common mistakes by reviewing this article “8 Things you shouldn’t do with your paddle board.” Adjust your SUP paddle, so it’s right for you.

How to SUP with 4 quick steps

Inflate your paddle board to the right PSI

Inflatable paddle boards stand up are perfect because they are easy to carry. Make sure you pump yours to the right PSI. A well-inflated board makes your paddling much more enjoyable.

Put your SUP on the water

You ‘re ready to go, your board is pumped. Take it down to the water and get on. You should just start from your knees to hang it. Knee paddling provides more stability and helps you to focus on your stroke. BONUS TIP: Go off your board into deep water on your knees. You do want to make sure that your fins clear the bottom before you get there.
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Practice your stroke

Practice your stroke from your knees by paddling on both sides of your SUP. This gives you a sense of how it looks when you turn and move at speed while you are standing.

Stand up

You can stand up once you feel comfortable on your knees. Just place your paddle in front of you horizontally, so you’re all-round. Then take your knees up to a crouching position and push them up with your hands and legs (hands still out in front of you on your paddle). BONUS: See the article “How to Stand Up on Your SUP” for a thorough downgrade.

Learn how to SUP quickly: Practicing is fun!

It’s everything you need to get up and paddle on the water! Don’t worry it’s part of the fun, fall off. As you go, your position, stroke and overall ability will improve continually. You don’t have to obsess about the perfect stroke. Every time you go out, keep these tips in mind and you will improve gradually. You already have a solid foundation to build on by following this quick start guide. Just come out there and try it …
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Continue to improve your paddleboarding skills

As you can see from this paddleboard cheatsheet, it is easy and straightforward to learn how to SUP. Happy Paddling! Happy Paddling!
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