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Why Inflatable Paddle Board is a Better Choice for Your Paddleboard Rental Business

Inflatable paddle boards for paddleboard rental business

When buying paddle boards for your paddle board rental business, you may come across its two common types; inflatable paddle board and hard paddle board. People often get confused whether to buy inflatable paddle boards or hard paddle boards for their business as both have their own pros and cons.

But if you compare their features carefully you will come to know that inflatable paddle boards are much more suitable for this business than hard paddle boards. They are more advantageous for many reasons.

In this post, we have thoroughly explained why an inflatable paddle board is a better choice for your paddle board rental business. It will also guide you on what things you must consider while buying inflatable paddle boards. Let’s go through each section to help you make a better decision.

Inflatable Paddle Board vs. Hard Paddle Board

As the name indicates, inflatable paddle boards can be deflated and inflated according to the user’s needs. Hand or electric air pumps are used to inflate paddle boards. When they are deflated, their upper and lower surfaces come together. Due to this reason, they can be rolled like sleeping bags and stored in a small area.

They are made up of high-quality PVC that is molded into a paddle board shape with the high of advanced techniques like Fusion-Tec construction. All these factors make sure that the inflatable paddle board stays hard when it is in use and does not affect the overall performance of a paddler.

On the other hand, hard paddle boards, also called non-inflatable paddle boards, are made up of different kinds of materials. They are hard and cannot be deflated. The most common materials that are used for their construction are foam, plastic, wood, and fiberglass.

People may find hard paddle boards easy to manage because they do not have to fill in the air or deflate them from time to time. But this feature gets neglected when their transportation creates trouble for the paddler. They are also not easy to store. And storage matters a lot when you are running a paddleboard rental business.

Both inflatable and hard paddle boards have their own advantages and disadvantages. Paddlers may choose them based on their needs. But when it comes to buying paddle boards for a rental business, inflatable paddle boards are considered a better option than hard paddle boards. Let’s see what are the reasons inflatable paddle board is preferred over the other?

Reasons Why Inflatable Paddle Board is a Better Choice for a paddleboard rental business

Easy to Transport

One of the biggest reasons why inflatable paddle boards are preferred over the others is they are very easy to transport. If you are shifting your paddleboard rental shop to another area, you will not have to rent a truck to load inflatable paddle boards. You can simply deflate them all and place them in your car’s back seat.

If you are taking them to another state to start your rental business and you have to travel by airplane, again, you will not have to pay a surfboard fee. You can just roll and pack them in your travel bag. You will be able to save transportation money and invest that money in expanding your business more.

Most of the paddlers also prefer inflatable paddle boards due to this reason. It means you will have more happy customers. They will not have to carry heavy hard paddle boards from your shop to the beach. They can simply carry it in a bag.

Takes Less Storage Space

It is obvious that inflatable paddle boards take less space as compared to hard paddle boards. For any rental business, storage is an important factor they have to consider to run a successful business. If your shop has limited storage, it will take only a few paddle boards to cover the whole space. On the other hand, many inflatable paddle boards can be stored in that same limited space.

You can save storage space and keep other paddle board related accessories in your shop. It will help you earn more even through a small rental shop. If you do not have a shop for this business and keep paddle boards at home to rent out when customers contact through phone, then again, it will be easy to store them even if you do not have a garage.

After deflating inflatable paddle boards, they can be rolled and stored in a small backpack. It takes only five minutes to pump air in a paddle board again.

More Durable

To run a successful business, you need paddle boards that are highly durable and do not require repairing every other day. In this regard, inflatable paddle boards are the right choice. If a hard paddle board falls accidentally or collides with a rock, it gets damaged easily. On the contrary, an inflatable paddle board is made up of premium quality PVC that does not develop dents, scratches, and holes as easily.

Renters can be careless sometimes. But their carelessness can cost you a lot of money. With inflatable paddle boards, you will not have to worry about your paddle boards being damaged by paddlers. Most of the paddle boards also come with a repair kit. These kits usually have all the basic items required to repair inflatable paddle boards. Fixing them is also easy, quick, and less expensive comparatively.

Your renters will be free to paddle in all kinds of water, even in the rocky areas. It will eventually give a boost to your business, and you will soon have more customers.

Light in Weight

Lighter paddle boards are preferably used more among paddlers. Inflatable paddle boards are very light in weight as compared to a hard paddle board of the same dimensions. So, they are considered user-friendly. Your customers, especially women and older children, will have no trouble in carrying them to the beach from your shop.

They are light because they are made up of PVC and have air inside. Even though they are light, they are still very stable and provide great weight support. Renters will be able to take their furry-friends for paddling easily. They can even place a few small accessories as well. This benefit of inflatable paddle board makes it very helpful for beginners. So, both beginners and experts will become your customers.

As they are light in weight, you will also not face much trouble while shifting your shop from one place to the other. They will be easy to carry and take to even faraway places.

Feels More Comfortable

Falling on a paddle board is normal and can occur many times if the paddler is a beginner. Falling on a hard paddle board can cause bruises. But if a paddler falls on an inflatable paddle board, he will not feel as much pain or may not get any bruises.

It also feels very comfortable under the foot, and the user may feel like standing on the most foam mat. While standing on a hard paddle board for a long time increases the contact pressure and can make the person feel tired.

A beginner who is just learning to paddle will consider inflatable paddle boards safer than the hard paddle board that is very stiff. As they feel more comfortable, standing on them will not exhaust the paddler or hurt his knees, back, or neck for standing for long.

You will get more customers as inflatable paddle boards are user-friendly and can make paddling experience of renters more relaxing. After trying it for once, they will come to you again and again.

More Useful

Inflatable paddle boards are more versatile as compared to hard paddle boards. Renters can take them even in whitewater based on the model of the paddle board. A hard paddle board cannot be taken in whitewater as its construction material like fiberglass etc., can easily get damaged.

It means if you have inflatable paddle boards, you will be able to fulfill the requirements of a number of different customers. Some may want to do paddling in flat water, and some may like paddling in whitewater. They can take inflatable paddle boards anywhere without worrying about getting holes, dents, etc., on it that a hard paddle board can get easily.

Your customers will be able to perform paddling in a lot of different settings. It means you will get customers of different expertise levels. You will be able to fulfill the requirements of customers having different paddling experience. It will increase your revenue eventually.

Less Costly

The cost of a paddle board varies from one model to the other. It depends on its different features like length, width, number of fins, construction material, etc. But generally, inflatable paddle boards are considered less costly as compared to hard paddle boards.

They are also easy to transport so you will not have to rent a truck to take them to another place. It means you will be able to save transportation money and can simply roll and place them in your car’s back seat. They also do not get damaged as easily as hard paddle boards do. So, you will not have to spend money on repairing them every other day. And even if they get damaged, their repairing is not as expensive as the repairing of hard paddle boards is.

All these things make inflatable paddle boards more convenient and easy to purchase. If you are starting a paddleboard rental business and do not have a lot of investment to start with, then inflatable paddle boards can help you save money and start your business even with a limited amount.

Why Inflatable Paddle Board Is A Better Choice For Your Paddleboard Rental Business
Why Inflatable Paddle Board Is A Better Choice For Your Paddleboard Rental Business

Things to Consider Before Buying Inflatable Paddle Board for Your Paddleboard Rental Business

Inflatable paddle boards are available in the market in many different forms. Their shape, design, and dimensions vary from one manufacturer to the other or from one type to the other. If you are starting a paddleboard rental business, then it is important to have the essential knowledge required to make a knowledgeable decision.

You cannot afford to buy inflatable paddle boards that are not liked by the renters. It will damage your reputation, and you may face a loss in your business. To help you make a better decision while buying inflatable paddle boards for your paddleboard rental business, we have enlisted the important features that you must look for in paddle boards before making a purchase. So, let’s go through the list below.

Size and Shape of Boards

Paddle boards come in different sizes and shapes. Each size and shape has its own purpose and benefits. Inflatable paddle boards that are used for racing are usually longer than the paddle boards that are used for other purposes.

Choosing the right hull type (body shape) is also very important to satisfy renters. Two common kinds of the hull are planning hull and displacement hull. Planning hull is preferred for a casual paddling experience. On the other hand, the displacement hull has a sharper nose and is used to cover large distances.

So, first, identify the kind of paddlers that is more common in your area. Then start your business with the paddle board sizes and shapes that are more in demand in the area where your shop is built. Later, buy more paddle boards to increase the variety.

The Type of Inflatable Paddle Board

People use inflatable paddle boards to perform different activities. On the basis of the purpose of their use, paddle boards are divided into different types. The most common types include surfing SUP, fishing SUP, racing SUP, yoga SUP and touring SUP.  

As a starter, you should buy paddle boards that are multipurpose and can be used for almost any activity. This will help you save money and still satisfy all of your customers. Once your business starts making more progress, and you are earning enough from it, invest that money to buy inflatable paddle boards of each type.

Material Used for Board Construction

The most common material used for inflatable paddle board construction is PVC. But the quality of PVC can vary. Make sure you buy inflatable paddle boards from the manufacturers that use premium quality PVC.

Material quality matters a lot. It will determine the durability and lifespan of a paddle board. So, to save yourself from loss in the future, it is better to make the right choice and buy boards that are more reliable and made up of robust and high-strength material.


Inflatable paddle boards are available in the market at different prices. Their cost depends on their features. The more features a paddle board has, the more its cost will be.

But if you have a limited amount to invest in this business, then you cannot afford to buy very expensive boards. You will have to start with less costly boards. And buy expensive ones when you see your business is making progress.

So, make a proper plan and follow that plan while making a purchase. Try not to invest all money in buying paddle boards that are not really beneficial and in life jackets.


What is the Lifespan of Inflatable Paddle Boards?

The life of an inflatable paddle board highly depends on its construction material and the purpose of its use. Generally, their life varies from 2 to 12 years.

If you buy boards that are made up of very high-quality PVC and advanced techniques are used for their construction, then they will have a longer life. Similarly, paddle boards that are used casually and not in the rocky water, which can damage its structure, also have a longer lifespan.

Can Inflatable Paddle Boards be Kept Inflated?

Yes, there is no issue with keeping inflatable paddle boards inflated. If you do not have storage issue, then you can freely keep them as it is. If you are planning to keep your boards in the inflated form, then make sure they are not placed in the sunlight or in a hot vehicle.

Many SUP schools keep their inflatable paddle boards inflated and do not face any adverse effects.

Are Inflatable Paddle Boards Repairable?

Yes, inflatable paddle boards are repairable. They seldom get damaged as compared to the hard paddle boards. But if they do, you may probably be able to fix the issue on your own.

They come with ‘repair kits’ that have basic items required to mend the problem. You can also get them repaired from a licensed repair shop if you think you cannot handle the problem on your own. 

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