Inflatable paddle board vs. hard paddle board

Inflatable vs Rigid

If you are buying a brand-new inflatable paddle board , it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the wide variety of options currently offered. From numerous brands to various shapes and sizes, there’s a whole lot to take into account before acquiring a stand-up paddle board. In this short article, we compare the pros and cons of inflatable paddle board (iSUP) and also rigid board. Both are prominent choices in the SUP globe, and also it is essential to comprehend the toughness and weak points of each to ensure that you buy the type of board that’s the finest fit for you. In addition to understanding the distinctions between iSUPs and also hard boards, it’s also essential to identify what’s most important to you on board. Having a clear photo of exactly what you need in a board is one more point that will make your acquiring decision a lot easier.

Inflatable paddle board vs. hard paddle board mobility

When it involves transportability, the apparent advantage goes to inflatable SUPs. iSUPs can be deflated, rolled up to the approximate size of a light-weight sleeping bag, as well as brought with you anywhere you go. Along with fit right into the trunk or rear seat of also the tiniest of vehicles, you can additionally bring an inflatable paddleboard along while trekking, cycling, as well as even flying. An inflatable SUP can be included in a bag or box and also talked to your baggage, giving you the ultimate opportunity to discover the world’s most exotic paddling areas. iSUPs are additionally ideal for individuals who stay in high-rise apartments as they can be decreased and also will conveniently suit any elevator. This is an unfeasibility with oversized, hard boards, and also bring a 12′ 6 ″ hard-board up several flights of stairs is exceptionally tough and also can conveniently cause a harmed board (if it also fits in the stairwell, to begin with).

Inflatable paddle board vs. hard paddle board performance

While inflatable paddle boards have narrowed the efficiency void over the past couple of years as a result of advancements in products and also building and construction, rigid SUPs still have a total benefit when it comes to performance. Hard paddle boards are much faster and more rigid, making them the clear choice if profits performance is your top priority.
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If you’re surfing major waves or participating in SUP races, a rigid paddle board continues to be the best option for competition.

Inflatable paddle board vs. hard paddle board rate

Overall, inflatable paddle boards have a small benefit over hard boards price-wise. While there are models in a variety of price ranges for both iSUPs and also hard boards, the most effective inflatables usually are cheaper than the best rigid boards. Add to that the expense to store as well as transportation a hard-board if you do not reside on the water or already have a SUP compatible roofing system shelf, and you’re checking out significant savings with an iSUP. Another important consideration is the cost per use. When you take the full price of your board and also split it by the number of times it gets used during its life-span, you wind up with an expense per use figure. Due to the extraordinary ease of inflatable SUPs, they usually obtain used even more typically than rigid boards, causing a much-reduced expense per usage figure.

Inflatable paddle board vs. hard paddle board storage

Due to the reality that inflatable paddle boards can be decreased and also rolled up, they’re the excellent selection for paddlers that stay in apartment or condos or anywhere square video footage is at a cost. An inflatable SUP can be saved in a storage room, on a shelf, under your bed, and even in the trunk of your car when not in use. Contrast that with a hard-board which takes up an extraordinary amount of storage space. Unless you have a sizable garage to store a hard board, you won’t be able to store it vertically. You’ll need a 12 ″ long storage room or more likely need to make it part of the decor by hanging it somewhere inside your home– most definitely not an attractive touch that numerous will undoubtedly appreciate.

Inflatable paddle board vs. hard paddle board durability

When taking into consideration the durability of inflatable SUPs and hard boards, many would instantly assume that rigid boards are the clear winners in this category. It might come as a surprise that a well-built inflatable SUP will be much more sturdy and also much better able to stand up to significant abuse than a standard hard-board.
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Because of the reality that they are troublesome and more difficult to transfer, rigid SUPs are subjected to more bumps and knocks as well as can easily get dinged and cracked. By design, an iSUP is entirely ding proof and able to hold up against being dropped off of balconies and also run over with an automobile– severe durability tests that no rigid board can survive. Inflatable paddleboards are built with the same challenging product that bombproof whitewater plethoras are constructed of. Rather than receiving damages when entering into contact with rocks, sticks, as well as various other barriers, an iSUP will mostly bounce straight off.

Inflatable paddle board vs. hard paddle board repairs

Regarding fixings go, this is another classification that goes to iSUPs. When a fiberglass and epoxy hard board obtains dented or cracked, it’ll usually call for a professional store repair service that is costly and lengthy. If water fills the foam core, there are numerous instances where a damaged rigid board gets worse over time, as well as isn’t the same after having been fixed. Repairing an inflatable SUP that has been damaged is a much various story. An iSUP that has been punctured or torn can be swiftly as well as conveniently covered in your home using the materials supplied by your board supplier in the consisted of repair package.

Inflatable paddle board vs. hard paddle board weight

Inflatable SUPs are also the winner in the weight category, usually weighing much less than hard boards. This benefit has gotten even extra noticeable over the last couple of years as making use of brand-new iSUP building and construction techniques have resulted in inflatable paddle boards that are also lighter than formerly believed feasible. The reality that inflatable paddle boards are lighter as well as far more comfortable to transport than rigid boards makes them an ideal selection for ladies and kids who could find it challenging to lug about a heavy hard paddle board. Inflatable stand up paddleboards are light-weight, enjoyable and risk-free for the entire family members.

Inflatable paddle board vs. hard paddle board security

Last but not least, inflatable paddle boards are safer than rigid boards. Dropping the upside-down on a hard-board can quickly result in injury– something that you specifically need to be cautious of when paddling in the SUP or with kids.
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While inflatable SUPs are exceptionally rigid, they still provide a percentage of “offer” that can aid to cushion a loss.

Inflatable paddle board vs. hard paddle board final thoughts

We hope that this write-up has provided you a clear picture of the numerous toughness and also weaknesses of both inflatables as well as rigid SUPs. Both board kinds are very fun and beneficial in certain circumstances– what is very important currently is to recognize what’s essential to you before making a final decision. While we recommend hard boards for paddlers who position a greater top priority on fundamental efficiency in addition to those that are associated with serious SUP competitors, the vast bulk of individuals are much better off with an inflatable SUP. iSUPs supply even more advantages to the ordinary paddler, and also their fantastic portability, durability, and also storage benefits make them a superb choice on the whole. No matter what you inevitably choose, we wish that you extensively appreciate your new board, which serves you well for many years ahead. And if you want you can test it on a paddle board rental.

Happy paddling!

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