Top 7 arguments for buying an inflatable SUP rather than a hard board


In recent years, inflatable paddle boards have progressed to such an extent that today ‘s best iSUPs work very much like hard boards. Paddleboards have become lighter and stiffer. They now combine excellent efficiency and durability with the portability and convenience only iSUPs offer.

Top 7 Buy Inflatable SUP Reasons Rather than Hard Boards

In this article, we’ll look at the top 7 reasons why a swelling paddle board should be purchased rather than a rigid board. If you have a paddle board on the market, we hope that this knowledge will help you make the right decision.

REASON # 1: Healthier inflatable paddleboards

Inflatable paddle board can be pumped to extremely high pressures and give excellent rigidity. You ‘re more forgiving about bumps and knocks than a wooden wall. Falling into an inflatable SUP would cause less damage than falling into a rigid paddle board, making iSUPs the perfect option for protection. Although sturdy and simple to push, paddleboards with inflatable stands are much more forgiving than hard boards when dropping.
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REASON # 2: Quick to Store inflatable paddleboards

In comparison to hard paddle boards which require large dedicated storage areas inside your house or garage, inflatable SUPs can be stashed anywhere. Under your pillow, in a closet, and almost everywhere else, you can picture a deflated and roll up iSUP.

REASON # 3: Quick to carry inflatable paddleboards

Rigid paddle boards require costly accessories for transportation, such as roof racks and trailers. Yet inflatable boards can be tossed into any vehicle’s rear seat or trunk.

REASON # 4: Paddleboards that are inflatable are more durable

In comparison to rough SUPs prone to dings and cracks, a properly designed paddle board are practically bomb resistant. iSUPs are immune to ding and can endure serious violence. Which makes them a perfect alternative when it comes to longevity. Our iSUPs are designed for maximum resilience, rigidity, and reliability with the best inflatable paddle board design currently on the market.

REASON # 5: Travel-friendly are inflatable SUPs

Go for an island vacation, where would you like to paddle? You can roll-up and check in the rest of your baggage with an inflatable SUP. You can paddle around the world without worrying about costly rental fees for paddleboards!
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REASON # 6: Lighter are iSUPs

Inflatable SUPs keep getting lighter and lighter. For children and those with trouble managing heavy, lengthy hard paddleboards, this makes them the ideal alternative. Inflatable SUPs are incredibly easy to bear without any assistance even when completely inflatable.

REASON # 7: More flexible are inflatable SUPs

Inflatable SUPs can be used for a wide range of paddling and conditions. From SUP fitness to surfing to whitewater fishing (check here fishing paddle board tips)! iSUPs can handle anything you can throw on them.

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