Is Paddle Boarding Hard?

Is paddle boarding paddle hard for beginners?

Stand-up paddle boarding is a very fast water sport to learn and you can easily become a professional paddle boarder. People of all ages, shapes and sizes learn to paddle boards with the right guidance in a matter of hours. Paddle boarding is not just easy to learn, it’s enjoyable, gets you out and is a great full body training session. We may speak about the advantages of paddle boarding all day long, but today, we will concentrate on how to use paddle boards and why this is a great complete training.

How to paddle board

Paddle boarding isn’t complicated. You will paddle like a pro in no time with a couple of easy moves. Follow the steps below to learn the principles of paddle board standing. You should know a few tips before you read.

Make sure you have the most stability and the easiest to learn on a beginner paddleboard.

Go to a peaceful, flatwater destination like a lake when the wind died in the morning or evening. We recommend you avoid the ocean for learning because of the chop.

Don’t panic if you take a few attempts to get up. Normally, it requires people to stand up for a few attempts.

Take the following steps to learn how to paddle boards:

  • You may want to make sure that your SUP paddle is correctly balanced before heading to the pool. Learn how to position your paddle correctly here.
  • You want to make sure your fins are free of any sand or debris from running water when you reach the water with your SUP.
  • Push off to begin with a knee kneeling on your SUP.
  • Next, get your knees secure before you get up.
  • When in a kneeling posture you feel comfortable, it’s time to stand up.
  • Place your paddle on your SUP perpendicular to you.
  • Place your hands on your equilibrium board.
  • Now put your feet on the middle of your SUP, one at a time, shoulder width apart. The centre handle is a good reference point for optimum balance and paddle performance.
  • Be sure to pick up your SUP paddle on the way up.
  • Continue to practise until you feel relaxed.
  • How to paddle board?
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Tips for beginning paddle boarding

When you learn how to stand up paddle board, a lot of common SUP errors are made by paddle boarders. To avoid making these errors, we have included some guidelines to follow on the beginner paddle board.

  • The more fun you get on your paddle board, the more comfortable you are. Like riding a motorcycle.
  • Posture and position are critical to make sure you have the most successful stroke and develop the paddling process.
  • Don’t stand on your SUP too far.
  • Do not look down while you paddle. If you do, your balance is lost and your SUP will decrease.
  • If you need support while paddling, concentrate on something in the water or in the land and begin to paddle on this topic to support you float across the water.
  • You want to be standing with your knees unlocked as you stand.
  • Place the blade of your SUP paddle completely in the water and with your logo down.
  • You want to submerge your blade into the water and force it backward in order to transform your paddle board. This is going to move your SUP. Before this, make sure to position your feet comfortably.
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Why paddle boarding is a perfect training

You’ll definitely want to cancel your gym membership after reading this. Paddle boarding a perfect full-body strength exercise. It provides more calories in an hour than other sports because it comprises all the main components of full body training: strength, balance, core and endurance. If you are a leisure paddling, SUP sailing, SUP cycling, SUP tours or SUP yoga, you can be assured a solid training session. Also, no matter what fitness level you are, novice – professional, both will receive a good training when boarding a paddle.

Your back, heart and leg muscles keep your head, back and shoulders constantly in balance when pushing the paddle board across the water. The persistence of this sequence of movements at a regular rate for a long time is an amazing exercise. If you’re interested in taking it one stage, increase your speed and time and you’ll get even better preparation. We found five fun ways to fit into a paddle board for those who want a nice change to their regular paddle board.

Certain advantages of paddling

  • Enhances the equilibrium
  • It binds you to nature
  • Relief of tension
  • Enhances your stamina and durability
  • Enables you to spend a good time with family , friends and others
  • Enclosure

It’s not difficult to stand up paddle boarding. It’s really quite easy. In contrast with other sports, paddle boarding can be properly taught during a day. Paddle boarding isn’t only a simple one, but a perfect full-body exercise and you can enjoy Mother Nature outdoors. Please watch the video ‘How to paddle board correctly’ below if you are a more visual learner.

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