Is paddleboarding an Addictive Activity ?

Is paddleboarding an Addictive Activity?

Yes, Paddleboarding is an addictive activity.

Ask an experienced paddleboarder, and the paddleboard will tell you how addictive it is. You spend hours paddleboarding. Paddleboarders are investing a lot of money in equipment and decks. Some paddleboarders also fly all over the world to try and catch a particular wave. That’s how the paddleboard is addictive. It is becoming one of the newest sports, with increasing numbers of people joining the bandwagon.


Why paddleboard is an addictive activity

The explanation for the activity’s addictiveness is the unexpected rewards you receive while using paddleboarding. It’s almost like playing. You don’t know when you hit the jackpot, but you can’t leave the bed. That’s reminiscent of paddleboarding. You don’t know when you’re going to catch a storm. But you are still willing to give it all to the sport.

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Paddleboarding is not something you want a winner to return. You have to train first hand for paddleboarding. You can’t just go on the water from your desk. You must bring with you your plate. It would help if you were dressed for paddleboarding. You have to take time off your job and excuse yourself from several other things that your loved ones may entail. Most professional paddleboards will also advise you to exercise a little before you meet the waves. You need to be prepared.

A water sport activity for everybody

The most shocking or often deceitful truth is whether the sea and the wind may be on your side or not. Often they will give you whatever you want. Perhaps you might have waited hours without positive results. This vulnerability is something else that makes the SUP so addictive – almost like gambling again. The difference is that without any planning, you can sit at a table. Yet you have to spend days training the paddleboard in paddleboarding. You will practice your movements. Before you intend to swim, you must also learn the weather in advance. The sea will let you down after all these preparations.

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Paddleboarding is addictive, like dopamine.

Scientists believe dopamine is released in advance. You’re waiting for your first or your next wave, which will expand and change, and that’s what releases dopamine. Dopamine is addictive. Addictive. Paddleboarding is like that. Not many paddleboarders talk of abuse.

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