Yes, Paddleboarding is an addictive activity

Ask any active paddleboarder, and he will tell you how addictive paddleboarding is. They spend hours preparing for paddleboarding. Paddleboarders spend a lot of money on gear and board. Many paddleboarders even travel across the globe, trying to catch a particular wave. That is how addictive the sport is. It is becoming one of the new most popular sports, with more and more people joining the bandwagon. 


Why paddleboard is an addictive activity

The reason for the addictiveness of the activity is the unexpected rewards that you get when indulging in paddleboarding. It is almost like gambling. You don’t know when you are going to hit the jackpot, and yet you cannot get away from the table. Paddleboarding is somewhat like that. You don’t know when you will be able to catch a wave. But you are still willing to give your everything for the sport.  

Paddleboarding is not something you go expecting to come back a winner. You have to prepare for paddleboarding on the first hand. You can’t just leave your office and go on the water. You have to carry your board with you. You need to be dressed for paddleboarding. You have to take time off your work and excuse yourself from many other activities that may involve your loved ones. Most expert paddleboarders will also tell you that you should exercise a bit before you go to catch the waves. That you need to be fit, is something that goes without saying. 

A water sport activity for everybody

The most surprising, or sometimes disappointing fact is that the sea and wind may or may not be on your side. Sometimes they may grant you everything you wished for. Sometimes you might have waited for hours without getting any good results. This uncertainty is another thing that makes the sport so addictive – again, just like gambling. The difference is that you can sit at a table without any preparation. But, in paddleboarding, you have to spend days practicing to paddling. You have to practice your moves. You also have to know the weather in advance before you even plan to paddle. After all these preparations, the sea can let you down.

Paddleboarding is addictive like dopamine

Scientists say that anticipation releases dopamine. You are waiting for your first wave or the next one, which you expect to bigger and better, and this anticipation is what releases the dopamine. Dopamine is addictive. So is paddleboarding. Not that paddleboarders are complaining about the addiction.