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April 12, 2022




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MonsterArmy is the Next-Gen of Sports Sponsorship

Imagine a new era in the sports industry where athletes, teams, and events are supported by sports enthusiasts like us instead of brands that only care about generating marketing exposure through sponsorship deals. That’s the reason why MonsterArmy existed. A community that empowers athletes through a decentralized, community-led sponsorship.

MonsterArmy is Empowering Athletes and Revolutionizing The Sports Industry

MonsterArmy is a project initiated by Pakaloa, a team of sports and technology enthusiasts dedicated to empowering athletes through the power of community-led, decentralized sponsorship. Through this project, we’re launching a collection of NFT assets that gives the holders a right to vote on sponsoring talented athletes presented by our candidates.

Currently, athletes and sports teams are controlled by corporate sponsors who care more about getting marketing exposure and less about helping them unleash their potential. We’re trying to solve this by encouraging sports enthusiasts, fans, and everyone involved in this industry to sponsor athletes through blockchain to take back the power from the corporate sponsors.

This is the new era of the sports industry we’re trying to create, and you’re invited to help.

Problems With The Current Sports Sponsorship Model

Here are some of the problems we’re trying to solve with the launch of MonsterArmy tokens and other future projects we’d be doing in the future

  • Profit is a priority for brand sponsors.

Sponsorship in sports is a marketing strategy for brands to develop marketing exposure. Generous sponsorship is only available to the elite few, unfortunately. Many talented athletes and sports teams struggle to get a sponsor deal simply because they don’t get enough exposure from the media.

  • Gender inequality is still a thing in the sports industry.

Female athletes are less likely to get sponsorships because they usually don’t get enough media exposure as their male counterparts.

  • Minority and niche sports find it’s challenging to find sponsors.

The reason is, again, because they don’t get enough media exposure as mainstream sports.

  • Athletes can become over-reliant on a particular sponsor.

Their sponsors are often exploiting them. And yet, sponsorship can be quickly withdrawn when the brand sponsors think the athlete is no longer considered ‘profitable.’

  • Performers, teams, and events can be controlled or exploited to suit the sponsor. 

In 1992, Nike was sponsoring the Brazil national football team, and the company was allowed to specify where, when, and against whom the national squad would play twice per year.

  • Some sponsorship gives a bad image to sports.

We’re talking about alcohol, tobacco, and junk food companies that could give a bad image to popular sports among the youth. Let’s also not forget about sponsorship deals with gambling sites that create an impression that the athletes endorse gambling when most are against it.

All these problems have been existed for decades, with no possible solutions—until today. The MonsterArmy project allows sports enthusiasts to sponsor talented athletes with blockchain, eliminating relying on the old sponsorship system.

Thus, athletes can focus on improving their performance instead of chasing brands for getting a sponsorship deal or wasting their time doing things that the brands told them to do.

How MonsterArmy Works

Pakaloa is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). So, the community gets to decide the project's direction, including determining which athletes to sponsor and for how long. 

There’s no hierarchy, no administrators, and no stakeholders. Rules are hardcoded into the smart contracts distributed through the NFT assets. This allows the project to run autonomously, with no one interfering with the system—not even us.

To participate in the DAO, you need to buy the MonsterArmy NFTs or $aloa cryptocurrency token. These tokens give you the right to vote on the athletes sponsoring, financial decisions, and the project's direction.

Of course, the tokens also hold investment value as the value will increase with the growth of our community. Many crypto experts consider it a safer investment than the moonshot coins you find on Reddit.

Not Just Sponsoring, We’ll Take An Active Approach In Helping The Athletes Grow!

That’s right—the Pakaloa DAO will help the athletes grow their values. We will help them create a plan to improve their performance in the field and increase their reach to have a brighter future.

Of course, you, as a member of the community, will be thoroughly involved in this activity. This is going to be exciting. So, join us, and let’s work together!

Meet MonsterArmy Babies, The “Genesis” Part Of The MonsterArmy Project

MonsterArmy Babies is a collection of 1000 NFTs—unique digital collectible assets on the Ethereum blockchain. Your MonsterArmy Babies NFT grants you the right to vote about which athletes we’re going to sponsor and for how long, financial decisions related to sponsoring, the direction of this project, etc.

This will be the first small step of the long road before we launch the MonsterArmy—10,000 NFTs collectionsshortly.

The Goals Of The MonsterArmy Project

  • Revolutionize the old sports sponsorship system with a new approach that gives the power back to the people who support the athletes and care about the sports industry.
  • We are building a community of people who share the same vision.
  • NFT holders will have the chance to impact many talented athletes and the sports industry in a positive way.
  • Make sporting passion more valuable than ever before by giving more opportunities to talented athletes who don’t get enough media exposure.

MonsterArmy Roadmap:

  • MonsterArmy Baby Launch
  • Aloa Coin Drop to MonsterArmy Baby Holders
  • MonsterArmy Launch
  • Aloa Coin Drop to MonsterArmy Holders
  • Sponsoring Governance (through Snapshot)
  • Future Drops
  • etc

Project Highlights

  • Empowering Athletes Through Blockchain

With the fund collected from the minted NFTs, we’ll use the fund to sponsor athletes, in which the NFT holders get to vote on which athletes we’re going to support.

  • Pakaloa DAO

The Pakaloa DAO—this includes every member of the community—takes an active approach to help the selected athletes improve their performance in the field and enhance their careers.

  • Fully Decentralized Sports Sponsorship

The MonsterArmy project is built upon the Ethereum blockchain, which verifies and secures every transaction, making it virtually impossible for any third party to interfere.

  • Fair Funding Distribution

50% of the fund collected from the minted NFTs will be going directly to make a sponsorship deal with talented athletes chosen by our community. The remaining 50% will go through the growth of this project, employing future staff, strengthening our selected projects, and so on.

  • We Support Green Crypto

We’re working with green crypto partners to support crypto, ultimately going green asap and fully compliant with the Paris Climate Agreement.

Built By Athletes, For Athletes

We are athletes, and like all athletes, we want to spend more time playing sports and be closer to our sporting community. That’s why we started this project. So that athletes can focus more on their training and competitions so that athletes can feel supported by everyone in the sporting community, we can make sporting passion more valuable than ever before.