Let’s Go For A Surf Trip!

So you’ve saved all you pennies this year and have decided to embark on a surf adventure abroad.

You haven’t been surfing long or regularly, so you are seeking a destination that caters to novices. This means a vacation destination that has spots that aren’t too heavy, beaches that have safe access, aka a sand bottom, and possible surfboard rentals nearby. It would also be convenient if this destination was friendly on the wallet and conducive to helping you meet other traveling surfers. Below are some of the recommended surf destinations for eager, beginner surf travelers all around the world:

1.) Byron Bay, Australia

Known for almost year round temperate weather and waves, Byron Bay is one of the best surf destinations in the world for beginner surfers. Australia in general is truly a surfers paradise, but this little enclave north of Sydney has gentle surf and a plethora of surf schools to cater to the traveling surfer. Given the high variety of spots to suit different needs, and that most spots break gently over sand, or sand covered rocks, Byron Bay has some of the most epic small wave spots in the world.

2.) Honolulu, Hawaii

A classic destination for surfers, Honolulu is a break that is literally perfectly designed for a beginner. The ocean floor changes gently and gradually to meet the shoreline, which allows for long and mellow rollers. Longboarders adore this break for it’s length of ride, warm water, and beautiful light sand bottom. Not to mention, the nightlife is hopping and most local shops carry popular surf brands and board rentals.

3.) Kuta, Bali

Although this destination is somewhat remote, particularly when traveling from the U.S., Bali is truly a surf mecca and worth every mile of travel. With very affordable surf accommodations and consistent surf throughout the year, Bali is a surfers dream. The impressive nightlife is also reason for visiting Kuta. Famous for the Bukit peninsula and epic left-handers, Bali is a destination that is not to be missed.

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