Love is in the water ~~~

Love is in the water – SUP as a Dating.

Dating operation SUP

Sick of having dinner and a date night movie? Yeah, we’re even. As an outdoor lover, you want to sit outside – don’t hang up for hours in a dark movie theatre. And the person you attract would probably feel the same way.

If your current day (or date day) routine is to be met, consider SUP as a dating practice.

Romantic SUP

SUP is not only intended for adrenaline junkies. Many people enjoy paddling in peaceful waters while spending a relaxing and happy time alone. If you decide to share this special relationship with someone else alone, you immediately show him how much you care about him or her and how much you want that relationship to develop.

But to keep paddleboarding romantic, you should be aware of some tips.

Have a target in mind

When you have a target in mind, paddleboarding as a pair is easier. When you have your meeting place, pick a destination to which the two of you can paddle. It could be a pool, a restaurant, or fun elsewhere.

The crucial thing is to keep the right destination reasonably nearby. Consider your date’s athleticism and enthusiasm for SUP. You don’t want to choose a location 10 miles away if your date is less than 5 miles at a time. You will end up with a grumpy, tired, and less than the enthusiastic date at the end of your trip if you do.

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You may also suggest activities in the region. For example, if you know that fireworks will occur in your town, check if you can watch it from the water. Check out where the fireworks are safe and see your romance and the sky lit.

And note, you must paddle back. And note. Keeping the gap short will make your date enjoyable without running the risk of exhaustion stealing from the moment’s mood.

Take food with you

Let’s face it. Let’s face it. Everyone is a little happier in their belly with some food. Don’t forget to pack a few snacks or a picnic lunch before going on your paddleboard – particularly if you’re not heading for a restaurant as your destination.

Picnic lunches can be incredibly romantic if you choose a calm place on the beach. Both of you will be isolated and surrounded by sea life below you in some uninterrupted time remotely. This is the kind of intimacy that can increase relationships and push your romance to new heights. Float on the water for longer, nourishing you and your date. If you don’t pack food, you’ll go back to the coast earlier than you’d like.

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Surprise Her!

Would you like to kick your date off the socks? Surprise her on your way with something.

This surprise is as simple as having a couple of candles on your paddleboard to enjoy your picnic lunch or as complicated as hiring someone to make your lit ticket feast when you arrive at a beach destination. Regardless of what you do, impress your date with something unforeseen. It will transform something unusual into what has become a regular operation.

Paddle Your Romantic Bliss Way

Does SUP sound like a romantic dating event? We do too. We do too. Indeed, we would even go so far as to bet that the Bachelor’s makers will soon catch up on this hot trend. To date, add some fresh air, sunlight, and water and blend your usual routines with something a little romantic.

Have you ever tried to date SUP? Let us hear from you in the comments below.

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