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Mixing Yoga With Surfing

For most of you, this might look like two things totally unconnected with each other. But many surfers are finding a lot of use practicing yoga when they are not surfing. The physical and mental requirements of surfing are achieved through yoga. What you need for surfing are a strong yet lean body and a clear mind that can focus and take instant decisions. This is exactly what yoga achieves.

Yoga teaches three things mainly. It teaches you breathing exercises to get your breath steadily and makes your lungs stronger, which means you can exert yourself more time. Yoga stresses on both mind and body. So, it gives you a chance to learn to focus your mind and get it cleared. It also gives you the training to focus on certain muscles and strengthen them. Yoga achieves physical strength without increasing the weight of your body.

Common Aims And Practices

Both yoga and surfing are individual activities which allow you to improve your individual strength and personality. Both the activities require you to be in the best of your physical fitness. Both the activities need you to be in total control of your body and a strict discipline. This makes surfers move towards yoga as an activity that they can practice when they are out of the water. This will keep them fit and focused even if they can’t surf regularly.

Yoga Exercises For Surfers

Yoga does all-around good for your fitness and mind. But there are certain poses which can be especially good for surfers to improve their physical fitness and agility. Let us see the benefits yoga exercises can give a surfer.

There are specific exercises in Yoga that lengthens your hamstrings and calves. These also stretches the shoulders, the hands and the arches of the feet. This helps in relieving back pain and reduces fatigue. There are other poses that help you by stretching the spine, shoulders and both sides of the body.

Other yoga poses help open the hips and stretches the thighs, groin and the psoas muscles. These exercises also open and release the chest and shoulder. Yoga also helps in massaging between the shoulder blades and spine. Each exercise is specifically meant to affect particular parts of the body, which means that you can focus on the muscles that you need to take care of.

There are many ways surfers can benefit from the practice of yoga. The occasional surfers can keep their body fit for surfing any time by practicing yoga regularly.

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