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Paddle Board and Social Distancing with Covid 19


The introduction of the new COVID-19 virus, which has contributed to the establishment of directives and the widespread use of voluntary steps to avoid the spread of disease, has led to a new aspect of our language and collective psychism. social distancing also known as physical distance. Although some aspects of social distance are clear, such as maintaining a distance of six feet from others and wearing masks in public places, others are less certain.

Covid 19 Paddle Board and Social Distance

The safety and social acceptability of paddle boarding at times when the distance is needed or recommended is an area where some clarity is required. Going on your paddle board and being in the fresh air outside without having to get into six feet of anybody else seems to be a healthy activity that should not violate the principles of social separation. However, certain problems have to be considered when choosing to venture on the water in your inflatable paddle board.

Is paddleboarding an activity allowed while your state or place is in residence?

Paddleboarding and kayaking are specifically permitted as outdoor exercise even when boating is not possible in some countries and local jurisdictions with social distancing rules or residence orders. Paddleboarding may fall in an undefined grey area that requires clarification elsewhere. If in doubt, check with local authorities to make sure that your SUP is a permitted activity while maintaining a distance from other people.

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Although paddleboarding is allowed, boat ramps or boot spots may be shut down or not approved for use, it is vital that all rules are understood when evaluating possible paddling sites. In the same jurisdictions, special rivers, lakes, and beaches may have different access rules, so due diligence is needed.

It is a shifting objective, but here is a list of constraints by State, which are subject to change with the development of the situation.

Do you take ALL precautions to be safe and to avoid injury?

Going for a flat paddle in calm weather should be safe, but more adventurous activities, such as paddling in white waters, could lead to a situation that calls for personal rescue and would expose your rescuers to infections. If you get injured and need medical attention, you can also take medical services for patients with coronavirus.

Therefore, if you go out, it is important to be safe in your comfort zone and not risk by pushing your capacity limits. The time will come to develop your skills and take on new challenges. For now, thank you for your fresh air, workout and all the stress relief benefits of going out on the water tickets.

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Can you get to the water from the parking lot without getting close to others?

If you are going to a busy put-in or a boat ramp, or if you have a narrow water path, consider how close you can reach other paddlers from the parking lots. Avoid trying to stop chatting with other people along the way, unless you can stay at least six feet away or longer depending on wind speed and direction. Be especially careful in car parks and avoid meeting others.

Will, somebody else touches your equipment? Will you touch the equipment of anybody else?

Scientists assume that coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 can live on smooth surfaces for hours and even days. In consequence, if you are kind enough to transport someone else to the water, you could spread the virus inadvertently by skin contact. Would you like a friend to try out your new carbon fiber paddle? Unfortunately, it will have to wait until the epidemic is managed.

Do you travel through a community to the paddling area?

Passing through a local community in the car without stopping should not be a problem, but you can expose people in a small local community to the virus if you stop pumping or buying snacks. A very limited local food supply could also be depleted. So before you start your trip, pick up your own food and gas near your home so you can go straight to the water without hitting the local people.

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Do you plan to participate in a group lesson?

If you plan to participate in a permitted group activity, ask questions beforehand to ensure that precautions are taken to prevent the spread of the virus. During any land-based instruction, participants should be remembered to remain at least six feet apart. The simple act of an instructor distributing paddles or lifejackets may entail some risk, so find out how the teacher can the risk of the virus spreading by touch. Sanitizing wipes and hand sanitizers can somehow mitigate the problem, but the risk must be minimized.

Experiencing outdoors on a paddleboard is one of the greatest activities and stress-relieving that we can enjoy as social distance measures are in place and many other activities are restricted.

Many of the thoughts we collectively developed as a response to COVID-19 will continue to serve us by a new awareness of healthy and socially responsible practices that will last long after the epidemic is over. With proper care and preparation, your SUP can be done in a way that complies both with current rules and maintains healthy habits that must be continued.

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