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Paddle Board Fishing: Why You Need to Try SUP Fishing

Why You Need to Try Paddle Board Fishing?

Paddle board fishing is a meditative and fun activity that allows you to slow down and enjoy nature. There are different reasons why people do fishing. Some do it simply to catch food for the next meal. Others do it as a sport, and some do fishing to spend some time with their family and friends in nature.

With the popularity of stand-up paddle board, people are experimenting different activities on their paddle boards. It has originated different types of paddle boarding. One of them is stand-up paddle board fishing. It makes the fishing experience more fun and better for people and provides them a chance to explore nature more.

In this article, we have explained paddle board fishing benefits and other important things that you must know before starting paddle board fishing.

What is SUP fishing?

As the name indicates, stand-up inflatable paddle board fishing is about catching fishes while standing on a paddle board. Instead of standing on a spot on land to catch the fishes, you can travel to the place that you think has more fishes by using your paddle board.

Paddle board fishing is getting popular among people who like paddle boarding and fishing, both. They simply combine their two favorite sports to enjoy a more amazing activity. It has a multitude of benefits which is another reason why SUP paddle boarding is getting famous. Let’s go through some of the paddle board fishing benefits to understand why it is important and better than traditional fishing.  

Benefits of stand-up paddle board fishing

Have a better view of your surroundings

While fishing from the land, you only have the view of what is in front of you. You cannot see what is inside the water clearly. You just have to sit or stand in a restricted area to catch a fish. On the contrary, SUP fishing allows you to move wherever you want.

It gives you a better view of your surroundings. You can see what is inside the water more clearly. You can find the best place for fishing without much trouble. It gives you a better view of the movements happening around you.

Reach your desired place

Another great benefit of stand-up paddle board fishing is that it allows you to reach the place you believe has more opportunities to catch fishes. While doing fishing on the land, you are restricted to a place. But it is not the case when you are moving through a paddle board.

If you know that a particular spot in the lake or river has more fishes, you can reach that spot through your stand-up paddle board. After catching fishes from one spot, you can go to another spot. In short, we can say that SUP fishing gives you more opportunities to catch fishes from different locations in the same water body.

Fast and easier transportation

Transportation through stand-up paddle boards is faster and convenient for many people. You stand on a lightweight paddle board and move the paddle held in the hands. Certain techniques of moving and using your paddle board allow the person to gain speed in the water.

It is faster than the boats and kayaks. They require more energy and force to move to a certain place in the water. You can reach your destination in less time and save your time to utilize it doing something better like fishing.

Whole-body exercise

Stand-up paddle boarding is a form of whole-body exercise. You move your shoulders, arms, and hands to move the paddle in the water. Then you stay stand on the board and keep your body balanced. It helps you toughen your core muscles. Your lower body muscles get in shape and develop strength.

On the other hand, if you are doing fishing through kayaks or boats, then you will be sitting on a spot. Your whole body will not experience such benefits. No doubt, you will be moving your shoulders to move the paddle, but your core and lower body muscles do not get any benefit.

Increases vitamin D intake

Vitamin D is one of the most important vitamins that strengthen the bones and immune system. Our body produces this vitamin when it is under direct sunlight. In this busy world, it becomes difficult to get some free time for ourselves and enjoy the sun to strengthen the body.

SUP fishing is a great activity that allows you to do multiple things simultaneously. You stand on the paddle board, and your whole body is under the sunlight. All in all, it boosts vitamin D production. While fishing through kayaks or boats, your whole body is not exposed to the sunlight, so your body does not produce as much vitamin D as it does when you are fishing through the paddle board.

Offers more maneuverability

Stand-up paddle boarding offers you more maneuverability. Free to move in every direction and look into the water to determine what is inside the water. You can see and tell which spot is better for fishing and where you have more chances of catching a fish.

Don’t get the same freedom while fishing through boats and kayaks. Kayaks allow you the least movement. You are sitting in a direction and can see only what is ahead of you. While standing on the paddle board, you can have a view of all four sides of your surroundings. It increases your chances of catching more fishes.

More fun

SUP fishing is more fun than casual fishing. You can do multiple things simultaneously. For instance, you can boost vitamin D production to build stronger bones, have a whole body workout to improve your muscles, and in the end, you can cook fish to enjoy healthy natural protein.

Traditional fishing does not offer as many benefits as SUP fishing does. You can go with your friends and family, your dog and your kids to make your fishing more enjoyable. You can also take a small seat with you. So, you can sit and relax when you feel tired while standing on the paddle board. If the weather is hot, you can take a cooler with you. Take juices and drinks to keep your energy level have. Paddle boards for fishing have more space to accommodate different accessories like life jackets, dog life jacket and life jackets for kids. Wear a PFD is very important and a legal requirement in some countries and states.

Paddle Board Fishing Why You Need To Try SUP Fishing - Pakaloa
Paddle Board Fishing Why You Need To Try SUP Fishing

Tips for SUP fishing

If you are new to SUP fishing, then the tips described below will help you make your fishing experience better.

Select the right fishing paddle board

This is very important to have a good fishing experience. Stand-up paddle boards for fishing should have features that make fishing easier for you. They should have a large deck. Their length and width should both be large so that you can take different fishing equipment with you.

These paddle boards should also have fishing mounts so that you can attach your fishing gears with your paddle board easily and take them with you no matter how far you have to go. The paddle board should also have more storage capacity to allow you to store fishes without trouble. You should also consider the weight capacity of your paddle board. It should be good enough to hold you, fishing gears, and other essential equipment.

The stability of SUP paddle boards should also be considered. As you will have to move in different directions to catch fish, it is better to choose a SUP that has good stability.

Take necessary equipment and accessories with you

While going for SUP fishing, do not forget to take the necessary fishing equipment and accessories with you. Keep the leash on, so you do not lose your paddle board. Take a seat so you can sit on it if you feel tired while trying to catch the fish. Take a whistle with you if you are going alone. It will help you save yourself in case any accident happens.

Take cast net and catching bait with you

Cast net and catching bait are essential fishing equipment. So do not leave them behind. Make sure that your paddle board is big enough to hold all equipment.

Keep an eye on the wind

Another thing that you must consider while going for SUP fishing is the weather condition. The weather should be normal and not too windy or sunny that fishing becomes a challenge for you. Windy weather causes high waves, which reduces the chances of catching fishes. It will also disturb your vision. You can check the weather condition through the weather forecast to avoid trouble while fishing.

Paddle board fishing accessories

Below are the essential fishing accessories.

  • Cooler: You can use it to store drinks and sit when you feel tired.
  • Rod holder: Rod holder is required to hold your fishing rod safely. A fishing rod can easily slip in the water if it is not secured properly.
  • Deck bag: It is required to keep essential equipment.
  • Sun hat: It will protect your face from the sunlight and help you observe your surroundings properly.


There are many benefits of stand-up paddle board fishing. It boosts vitamin D production, strengthens body muscles, and gives you more opportunities to catch fishes. This summer, try SUP fishing to make your summer more enjoyable!

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