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At Pakaloa SUP, our passion is to stand up paddleboarding; as a result, we enjoy to speak paddleboards! Our experts are always happy to learn through businesses and discuss your needs about stand up paddleboards. And also, do not fail to remember, in addition to the boards, we also provide all the inflatable paddle boards devices you’ll require to make your SUP rental business a success.

Bear in mind that by chatting directly to a maker or SUP board supplier, you should be able to obtain much better costs than getting through inflatable SUP retail. Take a right into consideration of distribution costs, timeframes, and the location of the business you are getting.

At Pakaloa, our enthusiasm is paddle boarding. Also, we have assisted many paddleboards rental businesses, and SUP schools get up and running by giving them beneficial help and assistance from our decade in the industry. Our group is always satisfied to learn through new services as well as provide guidance on one of the ideal items for you. If you’re looking to start a paddleboard Rental Business, let’s talk about it!


We Take Pride In Our PARTNERS

The time has come to set the trends instead of following them. If you have a stand-up paddleboard rental business searching for a high-quality inflatable stand up paddleboard, you have come to the right place. With our latest and quality paddleboard products on your paddleboard rental business, you will surely notice a rapid increase in customer counts that will help you generate higher revenue.

The Pakaloa paddleboard rental business deal will make it possible for you to attract customers of all ages and not just teenagers or adults. From children to grandparents, you will find everyone at your paddleboard business renting one of the SUPs that we have delivered. You might be wondering how we will make it possible, here are some of the fantastic stand-up paddle services you can get.

  • Wholesale paddle boards pricing
  • Lifetime paddleboard Warranty
  • Free Shipping (Worldwide)
  • Accidental Damage Protection (Pakaloa Care+)
  • 24/7 Priority support
  • Co-branding inflatable paddleboards

Around the globe, paddleboarding is more than just a sport or a fun way to get fit. It’s an avenue of pleasure. It’s an opportunity to act for something we are passionate about while doing a sport that we are loving. Stand-up paddling has become an incredible way to stand up for ocean rights, take a stand against plastic.

Whatever we can do, however, we can act, whether it’s one kilometer or 1000 kilometers, let’s take our SUP passion and turn it into outreach. Let’s act out to the world with our paddle in one hand and our board underfoot, taking care of this planet, and it’s inhabitants.

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