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For us at Pakaloa, inflatable stand up paddle board is a world on its own. It’s where we live, what we breathe, and where we are king. SUP is becoming one of the favorites sport of many. Hence, the demand for trusted and reliable SUP products has increased. If you are a wholesale paddle boards distributor or wholesale SUP / Wholesaler, you need SUP that inspires SUP lovers to act and buy.

Wholesale Paddle Boards

We are giving you one opportunity today — to wholesale the best SUP available on the market. Our products, high-quality, are made with your customers in mind.

Become a wholesale paddle boards distributor

Right now, you can partner with us to grow your business. It’s that easy. Once you become a wholesale paddle boards distributor, you’ll have access to our wholesale prices. You also get to enjoy numerous amazing deals.

Partnering with us is hassle-free. You can begin by opening an account dedicated to ensuring we meet all your needs. We are available 24/7 to walk you through the entire process. What are you waiting for? Register now through the wholesale registration page. You can also contact us for further discussion.


  • Eligible organizations need to be registered organizations.
  • We reserve the right to reject applications.
  • Your first order with Pakaloa is required to be at least $30,000 worth of merchandise per Pakaloa’s Purchase Agreement.
  • It is required to have a physical store. Online e-commerce sites only or mall kiosks do not qualify.
  • Please submit at least one interior and one exterior photo of your store.
  • If you have previously applied, then you are eligible to reapply six months after your original application date.
  • Your application will be reviewed to ensure it meets Pakaloa’s brand and onboarding requirements.
  • Pakaloa’s goal is to respond to your application within 24 hours of submission.


  • Special offers and RRP pricing
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Free Shipping (Worldwide)
  • Accidental Damage Protection (Pakaloa Care+)
  • 24/7 Priority support
  • Significant discounts from RRP with minimal sales commitment
  • Access to use products, logos, and other marketing materials
  • Premium Partners will receive leads where possible and appropriate


Learn from Pakaloa SUP how to start your inflatable stand up paddleboard business and build a tribe of paddlers in your community. Whether you are starting a new inflatable stand up paddleboard business, adding Paddle Boards to your existing business, or growing a rental fleet, Pakaloa SUP has the highest quality gear available in the industry.


At Pakaloa, we focus heavily on quality and support, and back it up with excellent customer service.

Why Pakaloa Wholesale Paddle Boards ?

All Pakaloa SUP Boards come with Lifetime Warranty and Free Worldwide Shipping as a standard. With the Pakaloa Care+ (accidental damage protection), your business will be safe and protected. Contact us today. Pakaloa SUP, You Only Live Once!