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Experience new levels of paddleboarding pleasure and comfort throughout the whole rides with the Pakaloa inflatable paddleboard. The premium quality materials give you the confidence to take your pet 🐶, kid, friend, or partner with you for fun SUP rides. FREE SHIPPING !

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Inflatable Paddle Board Premium

Experience A Whole New Level Of SUP Pleasure & Comfort With This Premium Inflatable Paddle Board From Pakaloa

“What makes the Pakaloa Inflatable Paddle Board feels so easy to maneuver, more comfortable to ride than most inflatable paddle boards in the market?”

The secret is in its premium quality materials and cutting-edge design that makes it stands out from the other paddleboards.

Anyone having the slightest knowledge of paddleboards would be amazed by its performance and the quality of workmanship since the very first moment they ride the Pakaloa paddleboard.

Obviously, These Inflatable Paddle Boards Not Cheap

That’s true.

$1,000+ is probably a lot of money for you. Especially if it’s your very first paddleboard.

Yes, we could make a cheaper paddleboard.

But if we did that, they’d be cheap.
  • SUPs wouldn’t be made of extremely durable materials that surpass military-grade PVC
  • They wouldn’t be last as long as they do
  • Paddleboards won’t give you the confidence to take your pet, kid, or friends with you for fun SUP rides
  • They wouldn’t be as comfortable
They wouldn’t be Pakaloa Paddleboards.

So yes, Pakaloa inflatable paddle boards aren’t cheap – they never will.

But you know that’s a good thing.

Because you’ll always get what you pay for.

And you’d have a paddleboard that would give you comfortable and enjoyable, fun SUP rides for years to come.

When You Ride Pakaloa Inflatable Paddle Board, You Can Feel The Quality Of Its Material & Perfected Engineering

You can feel that the paddleboard is wide enough for stability, but not too wide which makes the board feel bulky and hard to maneuver.

It feels so comfortable standing or sitting on the paddleboard, and gives you complete control while you’re riding on it.

While you’re paddling at a faster speed, you can feel in your hands that the paddleboard allows you to travel smoother and faster with less effort. It feels so light, yet it still can achieve stability.

And if you want to do a yoga pose or just sitting on your board to enjoy the stunning view, you’d be glad that you choose this premium inflatable because it feels so soft and again, so comfortable.

From relaxing your mind with touring, exploring, and fishing to doing yoga and merely enjoying the view, there is so much you can do when you stand or sit on the superior quality Pakaloa inflatable stand up paddle board.

That’s exactly why you don’t want to save a few hundred bucks for a cheaper paddleboard, which probably won’t give you the same level of experience.

You want the best experience every time you go for a ride.

You want the best paddleboard on the market, something like our premium inflatable paddle board.

Made With The Highest Quality
Materials We Can Find

Imagine getting a better SUP experience and rigidity than hardboards, but without the clutter and impractical design.

“No way! That’s impossible.” You might say.

Most people wouldn’t believe that claim.

And so be it.

After all, you won’t be able to clarify it until you give it a try. (Only after you ride it for the first time, you’ll know that what we’re saying is a fact)

So, to back up that claim here’s just a short, logical explanation of why that’s actually possible.

Today’s premium inflatable paddle boards are made with military-grade, high-density PVC layers.

Pakaloa inflatable stands up paddle boards was made with the highest quality materials that surpass the rigidity of military-grade PVC.

When it comes to rigidity, this is the best material available in the market today.

Of course, the board is constructed with military-grade PVC, which makes it as rigid as the most durable solid boards.

And we didn’t stop there to offer you the best SUP experience…

Pakaloa paddleboards are also equipped with an innovative bungee system of D-Rings, and strong bungee cords for unparalleled stand-up paddle boarding.

We Use Cutting-Edge Technology To Create The Best Inflatable Paddle Board

Because we understand high-quality materials alone won’t be enough to make our paddleboard the best in the market, we have done the research to equip our paddleboards with innovative, cutting-edge technology that you won’t find on most products out there.

  1. We use laminated construction that blends a solitary skin board with the second laminated PVC layer. This is what makes Pakaloa paddleboards are 20-25% lighter and 25-30% stiffer, which allow them to offer the best performance, while still being very stable and provide maximum comfort.
  2. The high-pressure laminated finish is enhanced with UV-resistant HQ coating and super-reinforced weaving so that it can provide utmost performance and maximum durability.
  3. Using thousands of tough polyester threads and drop stitch technology (the same technology used in the aeronautical industry to make inflatable airplane wings), allows us to make our paddleboards to be incredibly strong.
  4. Obviously, we also use EVA non-slip technology that prevents slipping in the water.

We combine all these innovative, cutting-edge features in our inflatable paddle boards so that you can get the best experience every time you take the paddleboard for a ride.

You Can Change The Stock Fins For A New Paddle Surfing Experience

Unlike those cheap and poorly designed inflatable paddle boards, Pakaloa SUP features a US fin box that’s compatible with most aftermarket fins, including 10” race fins!

Whenever you want a new paddle surfing experience, simply change stock fins and you’ll get the new experience you want.

See? This is what will make your investment for the board last for a very long time.

Designed For Maximum Safety

Durability and maximum comfort aren’t the only ones that become our focus.

We also want to make a premium paddleboard that offers maximum safety to you… which is why we equip our inflatable SUP boards with these two amazing features:

  1. Heat-sealed crocodile leather to support your feet while you’re standing up and riding the paddleboard. This will make you feel safe and confident since it makes your feet super stable and prevents slipping.
  2. In-build reinforced leash to give you peace of mind knowing you will remain safe in case of falls.

With these two features, we ensure you will stay safe while enjoying your SUP rides.

Also, these two features are what make Pakaloa Inflatable Paddle Boards perfect for beginners.

For more security we highly recommend to use a life jacket for you and your kids and a dog life jacket for your loved one.

Stay Stable And Comfortable Even At Its Maximum Weight Limit Of 200 Kg

Yes, we tested it.

Before we sell it to the market, we have tested the board by riding the board with 320 kg (700 lbs) without facing any issues.

Based on our tests, we’ve concluded that the maximum capacity of this board is 200 kg, which is a lot more than the average paddleboard that can only hold around 90-130 kg.

That said, you can confidently bring your pet, friend, or family with you for fun SUP rides without worrying the board couldn’t hold the load.

Lightweight & Easy to Carry

When deflated, the SUP paddle board rolls smoothly into the included carrying bag and takes little to no space in your car, SUV, or truck.

You can also easily carry the board in your bag when you’re hiking to a lake.

Staying in a hotel? No problem. The board can easily be stored in your hotel room or inside the trunk of your car.

In short, you can easily bring your paddleboard with you wherever you go.

What’s even better is…

The board inflates fast and easy!

When you’re ready to delight in some relaxing stand-up paddleboarding, it’ll only take 10 minutes to reach the maximum pressure of 15 psi… and even faster with an electric SUP pump.

Lifetime Paddleboard Warranty

We’re so confident with the quality and durability of our paddleboards, which is why we’re willing and able to offer a lifetime warranty.

We warrant that our inflatable paddle board will be free from defects in material and quality for a Lifetime from the date of purchase.

It’s a commitment to our customers, an expression of our confidence in our products’ quality, and a statement that we stand behind that quality.

Plus, We Also Offer Accidental Damage Protection With Pakaloa Care+

Pakaloa Care+ is a warranty program that allows you to have fun with your new paddleboard with peace of mind.

You can add Pakaloa Care+ to your order when you buy Pakaloa inflatable paddle board. And when you do that, every time you go for a SUP ride, you’ll always have a sense of calm, knowing if an accident happens, your paddleboard is protected by the Pakaloa Care+.

With Its Superior Quality, Comfortability, And Safety, It’s Actually A Bargain At $1,390

Pakaloa SUP board is the outcome of years in research, combined with innovative technology and the best quality materials.

Every part and every feature has engineering thought behind it.
  1. The materials were chosen to offer better SUP experience and rigidity than hardboards
  2. Its size is designed to make sure the board offers the perfect balance of performance and comfortability
  3. The construction is the result of engineering thought to achieve superior durability that other paddleboards couldn’t offer
  4. Even the material for the foot support was chosen to provide maximum comfort while you’re riding the board
Yes, it’s not the cheapest paddleboard in the market.

But anyone who understands what it cost to build a paddleboard at this level of quality of materials, technology, and workmanship… will wonder why the price isn’t higher.

If you’re looking for a cheap paddleboard, you might want to look for other products. (There are certainly plenty to choose from)

However, if you want the best paddleboard you can get in the market, and you want to make sure that your investment is worth every penny, this is the perfect paddle board for you.

What’s included:

  • Inflatable paddle board
  • Hand pump
  • Leash
  • Bag for transport, protection, and storage.
  • Fin
  • Repair kit
  • Paddle
  • Valve tool

Order Now To Save $100!

For a very limited time, we’re lowering the price of our premium paddleboards down to $1,290.

That’s $100 you can save!

However, we can’t guarantee that you can still get it at the same price tomorrow.

That said unless you’re okay with paying $100 more, make sure you order now before the price back to normal.

Free Shipping Worldwide!

With everything included in the package, of course, the shipping cost won’t be cheap.

But don’t worry about the shipping cost, we’ll pay the cost for you.

All deliveries are by express courier (FedEx, DHL, UPS, etc.…).

According to the carrier’s rules, shipments are shipped as quickly as possible, usually the day after your order.



335 x 82 x 15cm (10.99 x 2.69 x 0.49ft)


Monocoque Structural Laminate, Drop Stitch & EVA non-slip (EVA non-slip prevents users from slipping in water)

Pression Max:

15 PSI

Size of the package:

91X42X23 cm

Weight of the parcel:                 

14.0 kg

SUP capacity:

Up to 200 kg, a rider can ride it without any problems. We have tested this board with 320kg (700lbs) without any issues on the water.

Content of the package:                    

1 x inflatable stand up paddle board
1 x hand pump
1 x leash
1 x bag for transport, protection, and storage.
1 x Fin
1 x repair kit
1 X Paddle 3 pieces of aluminum
1 x valve tool

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