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Pakaloa Care+ is an Accidental Damage Protection for your Pakaloa inflatable paddle board. Get your Pakaloa inflatable paddle board protected and go for a carefree paddleboarding session.

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Care+ Accidental Damage Protection

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Get Your Pakaloa Care+ And Go For A Carefree Paddle Boarding Session.

Let’s face it, paddle boarding is extremely fun. But it’d be more fun if you can stop worrying about damaging your inflatable paddle board while you’re enjoying your paddle board session.

That’s why you might want to consider adding Pakaloa Care+ to your order.

It’s a warranty program that allows you to have fun with your new paddle board with peace of mind.

Because if your paddle board suffers any Accidental Damage, your Pakaloa Care+ will cover the repairing cost. Simply contact us and we will manage it.

What is Pakaloa Care+?

Pakaloa Care+ is an accidental damage protection for your Pakaloa inflatable paddle board.

What is covered with Care+?

If the paddle board suffers accidental damage, we will repair it at no cost (including the parts and labor cost of repairing, and the logistics charges) or, at our choice, replace it with an identical/or better unit, during the Period agreed, whilst the paddle board is within the geographical limits, subject to the conditions and exclusions set out in terms.

Are There Any Hidden Charges?

No, there are no hidden charges.

Simply choose the length of accidental damage protection you want (1 or 3 years), and you’ll never have to pay any repairing cost.

Even better, the cost also covers the replacement parts and the logistic charges!

That means, if there’s any part that needs to be replaced, you don’t need to pay an extra to buy the part.

Also, you won’t need to pay the shipping cost.

All of these costs are covered by Pakaloa Care+!

On average, our customers can save around $500, which is double the cost of paying for Pakaloa Care+ for three years!

How to claim?

Claiming Is Easy…

All you need to do is simply contacting our support team through the contact page on our website.

We have a dedicated support team that’s available for you 24 hours 7 days a week.

Enjoy Your Paddle Boarding Session With Total Peace Of Mind

Without Pakaloa Care+: You probably won’t be able to fully enjoy your paddle boarding session because you’re constantly worrying about damaging your thousand-dollar paddle board. Even while you’re on the way to the chosen SUP spot, you’re worrying if the board would be inside the luggage or carrying bag. And while you are paddle boarding, the constant worry about damaging your paddle board keep bugging your mind.

With Pakaloa Care+: There’s really nothing to worry about. You’d be enjoying your paddle boarding session to its fullest. You can go fast, go anywhere you want, and fully enjoy your nature. You’ll be standing on your paddle board with a sense of calm, knowing if an accident happens, your paddle board is protected by the Pakaloa Care+.

Instead Of Costing You Money,
It Actually Saves You Money!

On average people are spending $40-$150 for repairing damage on their inflatable paddle boards. And that’s only labor cost.

That price could easily shoot up to anywhere around $200 to $500 after you add the cost of shipping and replacement parts.

Here’s how we save you money:

The Pakaloa Care+ only costs $180 per year, which covers everything including the labor, replacement parts, and the shipping cost.

As you can see, this protection program actually saves you money.

If you’re serious about paddle boarding, this will be the second-best investment you make after your Pakaloa inflatable paddle board.

…And Today, You Can Save
Even More Money!

Right now, we offer you a chance to add Pakaloa Care+ to your order at a cheaper price than what everybody else had to pay.

And Yes – We’ll give you a cool premium gift!

However, this offers only available right NOW.

After you completed your order, you won’t see it offered ever again.

So if you’re interested, take action NOW or you’ll have to pay more for Pakaloa Care+.

Add Pakaloa Care+ To Your Order Today!

To add Pakaloa Care+ to your order, simply choose your protection plan (1 or 3 years), and click the order button to proceed to the checkout page.


1 year, 3 years

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