If you are a good surfer who wants to improve and you are considering taking it to the next level, then surf sponsorship can be an excellent option for you.

Why? Because the costs of your equipment, accessories, trips, contests, etc. add up, especially for those who surf every day.

Many people will tell you that a surf sponsor is hard to find, with the growing number of surfers in the line-up every year, but with enough practice, perseverance and drive, you can get sponsorship from a company that suits you.

The benefits

Surf sponsoring is like sponsoring in any sport – a company, large or small, agrees to provide benefits to its team riders that can include equipment / surfboards, competition costs, clothing, travel, and even salaries for their ability to be an excellent ambassador for the company.

Salaries are usually only paid to professional athletes, but this should not be seen as a deterrent. In fact, many local companies will sponsor surfers based on what they represent and whether they align with the company’s values.

That said, be sure to make a wise choice, especially if you are the one contacting the company to obtain sponsorship. Decide if you want to align yourself with a surf brand that defends the environment or fair business practices.


So, what does it take to be a sponsored surfer other than strong technical surfing skills?

Before, it was enough to let surfing speak for itself, but in this day and age, with so many surfers tearing in the water, being well followed on social media and being active in your community, are all things that can really stand out from a potential surf brand.

If you think you are ready for surf sponsorship, then decide if you are already a great surf ambassador and if you are, then start with a portfolio of surf photos and get ready to amaze us with the reasons why we should invest in you (start with a profiles on and share with all your surf passion).

If you believe in yourself and your integrity, your marketing ability, and your abilities, you can succeed in the surf industry and get the excellent sponsor Pakaloa!