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15 Reasons Why Stand up Paddle Boarding is Good for You

Stand up Paddle Boarding 15 Reasons to Become Addict to it

Stand-up paddle boarding is a fun sport that not only improves your physical health but also helps with mental health. You can enjoy this sport with anyone like a friend, family, your baby, or even your pet dog. All you need is a paddle board, a water body, and a few paddle board-related accessories to get started.

Stand-up paddle boarding is gaining popularity among the masses a lot. Its reason is you get multiple benefits from a single sport. You can enjoy nature and do paddle board workouts simultaneously. You can release a whole day’s stress and boost vitamin D production while paddling in the sunlight.

In this article, we have highlighted a few key benefits of stand-up paddle boarding to let you know why it is an important sport!

Why is SUP good for you?

  1. Whole-body workout

One of the common reasons a lot of people stop exercising is they find the activity boring. Adding a fun element to the exercise is a great way to keep going and working on your body. Stand-up paddle boarding (SUP) is a fun whole-body exercise that allows you to work on your body while doing a sport.

It works on different body muscles. It helps you develop your core muscles while moving your arms to move forward in the water. Arm movement strengthens the muscles of your arms and hands. You stand on the inflatable paddle board throughout your time on the water, which makes your leg and lower back muscles strong.

  1. Helps with the mental health

Being surrounded by nature calms the mind, body, and soul. Stand-up paddle boarding allows you to leave the worldly tensions on land and de-stress your mind completely. You listen to the beautiful sound of moving water waves and talk to your friend or family who accompanies you.

People stressed due to day-to-day activities find stand-up paddle boarding helpful. You can go on your own too. This way, you get a chance to have some me time and collect your thoughts while you are away from all. You can think deeply about the matter that has been disturbing you lately and plan a better solution when you are away from day-to-day distractions.

  1. Easy to learn

If you are a beginner, then you may find it difficult to balance yourself on the board. That is the only issue that people face, but it is a minor one. You can take your time and work on your equilibrium. But once you have learned which techniques work the best to stay balanced, you will find yourself enjoying this sport more and more.

It is easier to learn as compared to some other water sports. You just have to keep the balance and move the paddle with your arms to move on the water. People of different age groups can learn and enjoy this super entertaining and beneficial sport.  

  1. Allows you to explore nature

Stand-up paddle boarding is especially for adventurers who like exploring nature in different ways. You can go on a trip with your friends or a group of tourists to explore a new route on water. You can try SUP fishing to try a new and different style of fishing.

People who travel and explore nature as a hobby find stand-up inflatable paddle boarding really helpful. They just need to have a water body nearby and a paddle board to go explore the new waters.

  1. Kind of yoga and meditation

A new yoga style has been emerging recently. It is called SUP yoga. In it, people perform yoga on the paddle board and keep their bodies balanced while trying different poses of yoga. Doing yoga when you are surrounded by nature feels more beneficial and fun.

It is also a form of mediation. As you focus your mind on staying balanced on the water, you improve your focus, awareness, and attention. You keep your mind active to pay attention to the task on hand (SUP). So, this way, stand-up paddle boarding also helps you develop focus and work on your thoughts while you are away from people living on the land.

  1. Boosts vitamin D production

Vitamin D is an essential vitamin that keeps our bones strong and sturdy. Our body produces it under the sunlight. So, doing stand-up paddle boarding in broad daylight when the sun is moving in the sky is a great way of boosting your vitamin D production.

The more time you spend under the sun, the more vitamin D your body will make, which will improve your bone health. So, if you do not get time to exercise, sit under the sun, and do recreational activities, then this single sport can fulfill your different needs.

  1. Learn to keep balance

Stand-up paddle boarding is a great activity you can use to learn how to stay balanced and focused in life. It may seem difficult initially, but with practice, time, and patience, you can learn the basic technique. Staying balanced on the stand-up paddle board may also improve your body posture while standing.

15 Reasons Why Stand Up Paddle Boarding Is Good For You - Pakaloa
15 Reasons Why Stand Up Paddle Boarding Is Good For You
  1. Go with friends or family

In this fast-paced world, it is difficult to make time for friends and family. As described earlier, stand-up paddle boarding allows you to do multiple things simultaneously. And one of those “multiple things” is spending quality time with friends and family while moving on the water with a paddle board. You can have fun and discuss your day-to-day life as you like.

  1. Meet new people

Stand-up paddle boarding lets you meet people who have interests like yours. You can make new friends and spend quality time with them while paddle boarding. People go in groups to explore new routes on water. You can join such groups and meet new people.

  1. Burn extra calories to get in shape

Another great reason why you should stand up on a paddle board is it lets you burn extra calories while enjoying your time on the water. It is not a difficult weight loss exercise that you find boring. No, it is completely the opposite.

People find it more helpful because this form of exercise is actually entertaining that keeps you motivated and boosted to work harder on your body and burn the extra fat. You can burn arm, tummy, and leg calories more through this activity. You may burn more if you combine it with yoga like SUP yoga.

  1. Affordable watersport

Unlike some other expensive water sports, stand-up paddle boarding is quite inexpensive. You can make a one-time investment by buying a good quality paddle board then use that board for years to explore water and get entertained. If you paddle board occasionally, then you can get paddle boards on rent as well for the time you need to go to paddle board.

  1. Improves overall mood

Day-to-day activities can make you bored, stressed, and tired. Doing something refreshing and entertaining can restore your energy, motivation, and overall mood. Stand-up paddle boarding is one of such different activities that you can try to feel refreshed again. You get to spend time around water. You can even dive into the water when you want to go swimming. Cool water can de-stress your muscles and improve your mood.

  1. Go with anyone, even your furry friend

Another reason to try stand-up paddle boarding is that you can enjoy this sport with anyone you like. You can take your friends and family (as many people as you want, but make sure you have enough paddle boards). You can try it with your children as well. Make sure you know how to keep them safe on the water.

People even take their pet dogs with them. This will allow you to spend time with your pet or people and create a stronger bonding with them. There is no age restriction for stand-up paddle boarding. SO, go; however, you like.

  1. A healthy alternative to surfing

People who like moving with water waves (surfers) enjoy stand-up paddle boarding equally. This physical sport gives you the chance to use your paddle board to gain speed and catch water waves. You can try it as a surfing alternative.

  1. Get a super nice tan

If you want to get a super cool tan, then stand-up paddle boarding is the answer. This water sport allows you to spend time in nature surrounded by water, air, and sun rays. Your whole body is under the sunlight, so you can take benefit of this opportunity to get a super nice tan. Make sure you take your sunscreen cream with you when you go for paddle boarding.


Stand-up paddle boarding is a fun physical sport that helps the body in several ways. It allows you to burn extra fats, get in shape, improve strength, boost vitamin D production, and spend quality time with people you like while surrounded by nature. Summer is approaching, so get your paddle boards moving!

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