Stand Up Paddle boarding is one of the most popular sports so a good SUP maintenance is important. It has been followed by lots of people all around the world. Countries where people get a chance to have a seashore, really get interested in this activity because they usually surf on the water since their childhood. In this case, they become used to this thing.

Additionally, most of the people take this activity as their profession instead of a hobby.

Along with all these things, there appear some of the cases in which people can’t take proper maintenance & care of their inflatable paddle board. They perform some usual action due to which it starts becoming difficult for them to use it and head to the place where it becomes completely useless.

In this case, it is highly essential to get know about the reasons due to which the inflatable paddle boards becomes useless and starts losing its performance.

So, here we are going to tell you about some of the causes due to which the paddle board starts getting damaged and become useless after some time so that you can take good care of it and prevent all of those cause to appear.

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Causes of SUP damage

Well, there are lots of reason due to which SUP get damage while some of them are as follows:

  •  Lack of maintenance & care

One of the biggest causes due to which a stand-up paddling board gets damages is lack of maintenance & care. As you know that everything in this world requires proper maintenance & care to make it long-lasting for a couple of years. It is considered the most important aspect to follow because without this factor, the material of that thing will start becoming useless and you will not get better performance of that thing after some time.

The same thing happens with a stand-up paddleboard. No matter how strong and reliable it is or made with high-quality material if you are adopting proper maintenance & care of Stand up paddleboard, then you cannot expect better performance and long-lasting from it.

  •  Inappropriate Usage

Another most important thing that can become the cause of damage in Stand up paddle board is improper usage. If you do not use it in the way as the company describes it, then you cannot find it long-lasting as you may be expecting it to be.

This inappropriate usage involves rafting and other activities like this. It means that you start surfing on stand up paddling board too much fast or start performing some inaccurate stunts on it. In this way, it will begin getting damaged because water also has a force to offer. When you will paddling this way, then the water force coming towards you in the form of a wave will provide significant damage to your Stand up, paddling board. There is a chance that it breaks the paddling board immediately at that time, and you fall in the water, which is also a life-threatening thing.

  • Bad Storage

This is another one of the crucial reasons due to which your Stand up paddling board can be damaged. This thing requires some proper techniques that you must have to follow and make it long-lasting. Although, those things will be described-below so that you can get an appropriate understanding of taking adequate maintenance & care of your paddling board.

Tips for maintenance & care of SUP

Maintenance & care is one of the essential needs that paddleboarding material requires. If you do not offer proper maintenance & care to your paddleboard, then it cannot be long-last as per your expectations.

In this case, we are here to offer you some of the important tips for maintenance & care of your Stand up paddling board so that you can use it for as long as you want.

1 – Cleaning

Cleaning is one of the essential maintenance & care tips that you have to consider to make your Stand up paddling board long-lasting. It is quite crucial that if you don’t make it happen regularly, then you might get it damaged after some time.

So, for cleaning purpose, you can take some steps to make it done:

  • Rinse

First of all, you have to rinse the Stand-up paddling board with water. Remove all the debris and dust from it using water. Correctly apply water on all the parts of your Stand up paddling board and rinse it better because if you start performing further steps on it with a lousy rinsing, then you will not be able to get better results.

  • Clean

After rinsing it, you have to clean it correctly with some cleansers. You should take the most promising cleaner from the market, take a clean fabric, and then apply cleaner all over the Stand up paddling board.

  • Rinse Again

After applying the cleanser, the next step that you have to follow is rinsing it again. You again take a source of freshwater and start using it to remove the cleaner. In this way, all the left particles of debris or dust will be removed from the Stand up paddling board, and you will again get a clean paddlleboard to use.

2 β€“ Avoid Direct Sunlight

Another one of the most important things that you have to follow as the tip to perform proper maintenance & care of your Stand up paddling board is preventing the exposure of direct sunlight.

Well, sunlight is a kind of beneficial for some cases, and it is also considered the symbol of life. Still, if you keep your Stand up paddling board in contact with direct sunlight, then you will affect its reliability because the sunlight contains Ultra Violet rays that can profoundly affect not only the upper structure of the board, but it will also affect the material. The UV light will weaken the board and make it shallow from inside. You will feel that it is perfect to use, but when any strong wave hits you, then it might break down, and you fall in the water. So, make sure to avoid the direct sunlight to make it long-lasting.

3 β€“ Don’t Use an Air Compressor

Another one of the most important things that you have to consider to take proper maintenance & care of your Stand up paddling board is avoiding the usage of air compressors. Most of the time, it happens that people use an air compressor to clean the Stand-up paddling board without considering that it can affect the reliability of that product. They think that in this way, they will better clean the paddling board, which is pretty much right, but they don’t realize that if they use an air compressor on their Stand up paddling board, then the hot air coming out of it will profoundly affect both paint and material of the board. So, if you want to use it, then do it after a considerable time duration instead of the usual manner because high usage of air compressor will affect the Stand up paddling board in a terrible way.

4 β€“ No Dragging

Another one of the most important things that you have to consider to take proper maintenance & care of your Stand up paddling board is avoiding dragging. You might have noticed that after surfing, people drag their Stand up paddling board instead of carrying it. They do so because they become tired after the whole surfing activity, so they don’t have much capacity to lift it and take it with them.

Well, this thing is not suitable for Stand up paddling board because the debris on the board or the ground can profoundly affect the edges those will be in contact with the floor. When you drag the Stand up paddling board, then there will appear friction between those edges and board, which might break those edges. Additionally, that friction will produce a kind of heat on those edges, that will also profoundly affect them. So, make sure to lift your Stand-up paddling board on your arms, and them take it with you instead of dragging it. If you are not capable of doing so, then take a rest, make yourself relax, and then take it to the place where you want to.

5 β€“ Use It Frequently

Another one of the most important things that you will have to consider as one of the tips to take good maintenance & care of your Stand up paddling board to make it long last is its frequent usage.

Some people think that using anything most of the time will affect the performance of that thing and make it useless before time. Well, this thing is right, but there is also the fact that the idea that you have gotten from the market is meant to be used. If you use it for a long time duration, then you will shorten its lifespan.

While in the case of stand up paddling board, when you will keep it in the store and don’t use it frequently, then there is quite a chance that it gets a lot of dust on it or some insect affects it in the storeroom. In all of these cases, it will quickly become useless, as you might expect. So, try to use it frequently as much as you can. Don’t produce a massive gap between the usage because this thing will not increase its lifespan but will affect its reliability and performance.

6 β€“ Store at Room Temperature

Another one of the most important things that you have to consider to take proper maintenance & care of your Stand up paddling board is its storage. It is the essential thing that you have to take care of because inadequate storage profoundly affects the durability and performance of Stand up, paddling board.

Since most of the people take the Stand up paddling board and throw it away at any part of their home in such a way that they don’t need it anymore, if you don’t want in the future, then it is up to you in what manners you are keeping it in your home. Still, if you have to use it future, then you must have to store it in a better way.

Take the Stand up paddling board along with its cover that came in the box when you purchased the board. Put the cover on it and then place it at any location of your home you want. With this cover, the paddling board will not get any dust that can affect severely. Additionally, you have to make sure that the place you are going to keep the board has an average temperature. There should not be too much hot or cold, because in both cases, the board might start getting broken. So, you have to store it at the place where you find the average temperature.

7 β€“ Keep It Dry

Another one of the most important things that you have to consider to take good maintenance & care of your Stand up paddling board is keeping it dry as much as you can. Since it is described-above that moisturization is not suitable for most of the products because it can offer a lot of damage to them. Similarly, stand up paddling board is also highly affected by moisturization.

Now, most people think that how it can be affected by moisturization; however, it is meant to be used in water? Well, this thing is right, but at the same time, you must keep it safe from constant water contact.

This thing is affiliated with storage, like when you cover your Stand up paddling board after surfing without drying it out, then the water particles can get into the inner parts of your Stand up paddling board, which will start damaging it rapidly. After some time, you will see that there appear some cracks on it.

8 β€“ Professional Repairing

Another most essential thing is professional repairing. Since it is quite common that there appear some repairing issues in your Stand up paddling board, so you must get a professional and reliable repairing service because any improper repairing technique will make it worse instead of making it better. Ask your local paddle board rental, they can help you.


Well, above has some of the causes of damages and tips for maintenance & care of a stand-up paddling board. So, consider all of these aspects and make sure to follow them if you really want to make your Stand up paddling board long-lasting.