The Best Places to Paddle board

The Best Places to Paddleboard

The fairly new paddeboarding sport is increasingly popular, once just the North American realm, the world has taken a storm. There’s nothing like getting up on a board skimming through the water. And particularly if you’re in a picturesque place with beautiful scenery and spectacular landscapes. This can never be replicated, small variations in weather and water conditions make the water totally different and a new experience every time you reach this. Through this blog we look at the best paddleboard locations around the world. 

Atoll in Huvadhoo – Maldives 

The Huvadhoo Atoll contains one of man ‘s largest lagoons. It is 40 miles at its widest point and has a depth of almost three hundred feet. It’s been a wonderful place to dive for many years, but today an growing numbers of paddle board go to the calm waters of the atoll. Carry a snorkel on your board because you can see over thirty feet in deep blue waters on clear days. You may be lucky to see parrot fly over the reef and spot several surgeon fish, turtles and dolphins. 

Merritt Island – United States 

Merritt Island in Florida is a great location for all water sports, because of the bio-luminescent water quality which surprises numerous visitors to the Banana River after darkness. There are plenty of single-celled microorganisms which glow when agitated in the dark. Slowly paddling on the surface of the gentle water produces a wonderful light sensation in darkness. Not only can you have a beautiful rainbow water light show, you hope to see a wide variety of dolphins, pelicans and manatees. You can also see huge palace houses standing proudly on the banks of the river as you float softly by. 

Lake Powell – United States 

Lake Powell ‘s mystical blue waters in Arizona contrast sharply with the red-rock canyons surrounding the lake. Lake Powell is the ideal location for kayaking, boating , fishing and paddling, of course. Lake Powell ‘s charm is that it’s so big that it rarely feels crowded. 

Whatever the number of adventure searchers on the lake, there is still space to find a remote location. The lake is created by water, so it has more shoreline than the West Coast! It was the location for films , documentaries and so on because of its elegance. Most paddleboarders want to go picnic on the beach and have lunch when paddling is not busy. 

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In part two of the world’s best places to paddleboard we explore the entire Antarctic, visit Fort Lauderdale and paddle our way to the Appalachian Mountains. The growing popularity of this gentle hobby took the world by surprise, it offers a good training and the ideal viewing place on the screen. It is hardly shocking that it is taken up all over the globe. 

The best places to paddle board leads us into Antarctica, to Fort Lauderdale in Florida and to the Appalachian Mountains in Asheville. There is something about the graceful movement of a paddleboard and the height from the water that gives you a different view of the world around you as you go past it. You have more time to see amazing sights, which are possibly missed by many kayakers and canoeists because they are so low in the water. In addition to the more readily accessible speed of most paddleboarders, it all leads to a real sightseeing experience. We ‘re looking at some more fun places to swim in this blog. 

The Polar 

Maybe this is news for you, but Antarctica is a paddleboarding choice. And what an choice because the crystalline waters are perfect for the sport. The harsh weather stops a lot of people from trying their favourite sports, but add thick clothes, gloves and boots and you’re good to go. 

The first thing Antarctica does is to impose an incredible isolation and silence, and silence is something else that is a little nervous. Yet once you’re in your new setting, it’s just awesome. No place on Earth is like this and biodiversity is amazing; seals, pingouins, whales and dolphins and the amazing scenery of glaciers, icebergs and snow-capped hills are popular sights. 

Fort Lauderdale – United States 

Throughout Florida, Fort Lauderdale loves water sports and allows its residents to splash and get outside. In the middle of Fort Lauderdale, for example, there is a 20-acre waterfront park where paddleboarders can be seen on the water that leads into the Intracoastal river. Paddleboarders can see how the other half function as they can navigate the Row of Millionaire history to get a beautiful view of swanky houses and rolling manicured lawns. A night paddleboard tour is a perfect choice, as the waterways are quieter and less overcrowded. 

Asheville – United States 

Asheville is a place to go if you are a more experienced, aventurous boarder. The water flows quickly and the course is challenging as you have to walk around rocks and other obstacles. The bulk of paddleboarders visit Asheville to explore the beautiful Appalachians. 

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You can also take a sunrise tour through the mountains, the only location you can do so on the East Coast. During fall, many paddling boarders take advantage of the French Broad River to paddle and see the wondrous leaves of the plentiful trees change colour dramatically to signal the coming of winter. We will take our paddleboarders to the enchanting Lake Tahoe in part three of our series, explore Alaska and take some much needed R&R in Galapagos Islands.

Part three of our best inflatable paddle board places is our final part and we introduce you to some of the most exciting locations in the world in order to enjoy your favourite pastime. First we go to the exquisite Tahoe Lake and then go to the sun of the Galapagos, rapidly turning our garments into chilly Alaska. 

Tahoe Lake 

Many visit the breathtaking Lake Tahoe in the spectacular Sierra Nevada Mountains in California. The lake is one of the most impressive natural wonders in the entire North America, and is surrounded by the magnificent peaks of the high mountains. This beautiful blue water is so clear that you can see it as far as 70 feet. You can go to Fannette Island to paddle and walk up to the lodge which is a fantastic tea house. The nature in Lake Tahoe and around it is amazing and you can expect beasts, bears, whales, ospreys and wonderful adults. 

Islands of Galapagos 

The Galapagos Islands in the Pacific Ocean are governed by Ecuador. One day the mysterious islands just came up from the sea and now house a massive underwater sanctuary that is basically a floating museum. In addition, there are 19 islands in the archipelago and they are now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

The nature of the islands makes it a perfect place to explore for paddles, as there are big stretches of calm waters and lagoons full of wildlife that no one else on the planet can see. Animal and aquatic life is absolutely spectacular with animals like giant tortoises, agile cormorants and sea iguanas. Charles Darwin visited the Galapagos Islands in 1835 and was inspired to write Theory of Evolution by his work in the amazing species, fauna and flora. It’s a great place to visit everyone and to see it on a paddleboard makes it unique. 

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Alaska is full of rivers waiting to be explored, and gradually the paddleboard brotherhood realises its full potential. Anchorage currently has several paddleboarding schools where novices can learn to stand and paddle. Alaska has many opportunities for paddleboarding, including Wasilla lake in the Matanuska Valley, a perfect place for families to enjoy all kinds of water. Only schedule the weather in Alaska and it will be fine. 

For decades, Alaskans have sailed on Alaska ‘s numerous waterways, and the state has 25 National Wild Scenic Rivers officially named, not to mention the many picturesque lakes that are relatively intimidating and suitable for paddler boarders. We end our long paddle all over the world in Alaska, our boards took us to the ultimate water during our epic paddleboard trip to enjoy this great fun. Pack your dry bags and wet suits and brace yourself for a lifetime adventure.

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