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The Evolvement Of The Surf Culture

The Evolvement Of The Surf Culture

Every sport has its culture and keeps evolving as the years go by. Surfing is not different. Not being a truly competitive sport has not done anything to stop a culture from developing. In fact, it is not just a culture but almost a philosophy that has developed from the sport. The thought of spending hours together alone with just the elements of nature for your company, in itself is close to any philosophy or religion.

Surf Culture – The Beginning

The culture began in Southern California as more and more people took to the sport. But the culture truly emerged after the days of WWII. It reached its zenith during the 60s when it had the golden time.

Surf culture was looked upon as something of an anti-work culture. Spending days at the beach either surfing or sunbathing without doing any work was considered a lazy man’s culture. It is something that rejects the mainstream. It is an escape from the hectic world of work, study, and school and promotes a more spiritual existence.

Movies, songs and the media made surf culture very popular through the popular music band The Beach Boys. Everyone wanted to be associated with the surfing culture. Surfers were roaming the earth looking for the perfect waves. Surfers who spent much of the time surfing alone with just the waves and sea for the company were often called soul surfers.

On the other side, surf culture began to be associated with lazy long-haired people who didn’t do any work. It was linked to the Hippie Movement and there was a strong connection between drugs and surf culture at least in the minds of many people.

Present Surf Culture

Surf culture is hardly associated with the lazy or lost people. Surfers are more and more becoming brand ambassadors for major brands. Social media is promoting the surf culture and it has become a big business opportunity today. Today it is a huge industry with equipment, clothing, health supplements, magazines etc. associated with the sport.

The professional surfers are not longer long-haired hippies, but people who are fit and work hard at achieving better perfection in the sport. They are professionals who treat their sport seriously and travel the world looking for the best waves and also making a lot of money playing the sport.

The soul surfers continue to enjoy the sport as a way of freedom from the daily life and the spirituality associated with spending so many hours with oneself and nature.

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