The Surfer Lifestyle Explained

The Surfer Lifestyle Explained

The picture of a surfer alone with the waves or one who has a surfboard tucked under his or her arms must have prompted many people to take up the sport. Though the picture we see is that of a peaceful and simple lifestyle of a surfer, it is a lot more than what a non-surfer sees. A surfer has to make a lot of sacrifices. It is a commitment that you hardly can get out of. Once the waves start rolling everything else comes second.

A committed surfer usually lives a life far removed from many other people. The surfer should live close to the sea and indulge in the sport for many hours at it. Other surfers ensure to indulge in the sport continuously by moving to different places looking for the perfect waves. In either way, surfers live without many of the things others take for granted. Because of the long hours spent on the sport, or because of constantly moving they have to sacrifice relationships on many occasions.

A surfer also lives frugally as he is unable to earn much or possess wealth that others do. Most of his waking hours are spent at the sea or traveling the world looking for good beaches. Surfers should also follow certain routines in their life to become perfect in the sport.

A Surfer’s Routine

A surfing life will mean that you have to know a few things on a daily basis. Knowing the winds and how they affect the waves is the first thing. Knowing the weather is another important thing. If you are traveling to another location to catch the good waves, study the weather of the place beforehand and prepare yourself.

A life constantly challenging your physical abilities would mean controlling your eating. You cannot go about eating whatever you please. You need to eat what is best to keep your body fit for the sport.

You don’t have to be told about the importance of exercise. It is important for any sport and it is no different when it comes to surfing. Get an expert to make an exercise regime for you. You will certainly have to change your routines so that you can follow the exercise plan.

A surfer will also have to change his mind set when it comes to the sport. Most sportsmen are greedy and aggressive. A surfer needs to control this and be able to share the waves with others. Respect your fellow surfers.

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