The Yerba Mate Culture

You don’t have to wonder if you heard it right. It is almost a culture in the countries they are consumed in. In these countries, coffee and tea take a back seat as Yerba rules. In the South American countries drinking Yerba Mate is a ceremony. They will not give it any lesser a status than a religious ceremony. It is almost revered.

Yerba Culture

Though the beverage is famous across the South American countries each of them has a different style of making and sipping the drink. It depends on the culture of the country.

In Brazil, the Yerba Mate is made as a milder and smoother drink when compared to the other countries neighboring it. It is very common to find Uruguayans walking the street with a thermos having the Mate inside it. They can find numerous hot water stations on the way to make their beverage on the go.

In Paraguay, the mate is used to infuse other herbs. The people there buy other herbs for their health from the herbalist and add it to the prepared Yerba Mate. This is done for both health and flavor. The Yerba Mate in Paraguay is made only using cold or ice-cold water. It is also made with fruit juice, but never with hot water.

Yerba Mate Taste

The taste of Yerba Mate varied slightly in each country. It depends on the way it is grown and the place it is grown. It will also vary depending on how it is cultivated. There are also different brewing techniques used in different countries.

Many of the varieties of Yerba Mate that are available commonly have a little of the plant’s tender stem and branches. This imparts a woody taste to the beverage. In some places, the leaves are roasted along with the twigs. This will give the drink a toasted flavor. Some others store the herbs in wooden containers and age it. This gives it a different flavor.

Everyone has their own ways of making the beverage. But all agree on one thing. That there is nothing that can taste or feel like Yerba Mate

Caffeine In Yerba Mate

The caffeine in Yerba Mate is what gives it the coffee-like energy. It also contains theophylline and theobromine both of which are also found in tea and coffee. All these stimulants combine to give the kick that you get by drinking Yerba Mate. The caffeine content will vary depending on the variety of the plant.

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